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Target pulls Mac mini from online store

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 25, 2005.

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    1. With that 10% off coupon, Target was probably not making any money at all on the Mac minis... they may have even been LOSING money. Remember, Target's selling price is supposed to be the same as Apple's... since Apple obviously wasn't selling the Mac minis to Target at cost, Target's profit margins were automatically thinner than Apple's.

    2. I wouldn't be surprised if someone at Apple wasn't happy about being undercut by Target.
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    The 10% deal is a coupon good for anything, apparently, not just the Mini. It's not undercutting Apple. (And other resellers offer deals too--with ANY Mac--like free mouse/keyboard with the Mini.)

    So that coupon deal would hurt Target on other narrow-margin products too. It would make more sense to end or change the coupon deal than to drop the Mini, UNLESS they just didn't plan ahead very well! If the coupon already has a stated end date and terms that they can't wriggle out of, and certain products--or just the Mini--are selling so well that it's a big loss... then dropping those product(s) without explanation makes some sense until the coupon thing is over with.

    If it's that Apple can't get Minis TO Target, Target would still do well to say "pre-order now" or at least "out of stock, coming later."

    Or maybe Target is planning a roll-out that involved the retail stores too?

    Then again, it could be Target and Apple doing a little arm-wrestling over some issue.

    EDIT: Or maybe the Mini is doomed, unable to compete with Sony's $2100 media-center PC, currently on sale for $59! :eek:


    No wonder that moved instantly to being the #1 selling desktop at Amazon!

    There's just something odd about that picture :) I bet somebody made a very bad typo :D Get 'em while they last! $59 ain't bad for 3.4 Ghz P4, SuperDrive, TV/FM tuner, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB HD, and 128-MB video board! Too bad the OS is Windows.
    EDIT 2--reply to below--yes, I've been trying to figure out whose logo that really is :D But a wrong picture doesn't mean Amazon won't sell you the item... hope they don't lose too much $ on this! </OT>
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    The Sony thing looks like a battery

    It looks like a combination of a computer headline and a camera battery ad. :rolleyes:
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    According to Appleinsider, Target sent out the following statement in an email to customers explaining these events, "We appreciate your interest in purchasing the Mac Mini. We can't offer a definite date when it will be on hand again, and because of this, we're not able to make it available for ordering at this time."

    Hopefully that is all because it means (1) demand is huge, (2) it should still be available there (and hopefully in stores eventually) to increase exposure.
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    Apple isn’t going to give a crap if Target undercuts their price as long as Target is paying the full price to Apple. More likely I'm guessing they got slammed with orders.
    If the orders outstripped your supply by (Complete guess.) 10:1 or something I would have yanked it as well. That and we don't know how many units Target is going to get. Someone may have seen the preorders and freaked. Maybe. :confused:
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    That's awesome! I just ordered it from Amazon.com. . we'll see what happens. :D
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    You do know that the item for sale is most likely just a battery, right?
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    Yes, yes. I understand that this is a total fluke. I want to see how Amazon handles it. Besides, even my order confirmation even says I bought a pimped out Sony VAIO for $59!! If nothing else, I'm having a good laugh over this with my roommates (who also bought one).
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    I think the camera company that is listed as the seller is gonna have a big surprise. Either their going to be inundated with orders for that battery, or they're going to have to go into the PC business temporarily
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    The Compubattery is now Computer Sales Rank #2 :p
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    There's a very nice system shootout article comparing that battery to the Mac Mini.

    Bottom line: the Mac Mini DOES more, and also COSTS more than the battery. Both products are excellent values, depending on your needs.
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    personally, i couldn't imagine losing 59 $ just like that and still laugh over it. does it state somewhere, that the company is not responsible by wrong wordings?

    it says shipping 1-2 days. if it is #2 on the hitlist, then someone must have received one by now. it is tempting to click "buy" but receiving a 59 $ battery won't be really funny.
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    I wouldn't risk it myself! But I highly doubt the buyer will be responsible for the burden of the error. It's not wrong wording... it's a wrong price! The product description is about a PC, and it's found in the PC section. Nothing but the photo--if you pay attention--tells you what MAY (who knows) be the source of the error.

    Either the user should be charged the price they were told, or given the choice whether to pay full price ($2100) or return/reject the PC. I suspect the latter, since we're talking so much money here.

    Or the promised item may not even be available--certainly not from that seller, and maybe not even from Amazon (who is probably responsible for the error--not the seller). In that case, they can hardly substitute a camera battery just because that's what the picture shows. If they do, the buyer easily has grounds to return it at no cost.

    "You ordered a PC, but the picture was wrong and so was the price. We're giving you what the picture showed instead, since that happened to match the price. We regret not giving you the product you ordered. Go away."

    I don't see it happening. I DO see some other remedy being provided so that NEITHER customers nor the seller will pay for--or benefit from--the error.
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    If this is some listing mistake and it's actually worth $2099, did anyone notice 'Monitor sold separately'? Over $2000 and no monitor?! Wow, and people were complaining about the Mac mini. Also, I couldn't tell from the Amazon listing if there was any kind of video input on this machine. The ATI card says it includes a TV-out connection. So, how is this a Media Center PC if it doesn't have TV-in? How the heck are you supposed to record TV broadcasts without that?
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    mine says already shipped.
    i don't know how, because i only ordered couple hours ago..

    i mean, the worst case that could possibly happen is that i will return it and get my money back (including shipping). But, i do remember this happening somewhere else and the superstore was responsible for the mistake, so they ended up shipping out 100 laptops for $120 (or something close). So, i am keeping my hopes up, and even if it's not coming, i wouldn't lose anything under amazon's A to Z buyer protection! :D
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    you will get a e-mail saying they are sorry for there mistake but they are unable to offer the deal at that price !!

    here's hoping though lol if you do get it you can put it on ebay and then buy some Mac stuff instead :D
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    The picture has been fixed but the item is no longer available for purchase ("This item is not stocked or has been discontinued.") So, the window of opportunity has now closed.
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    yep, hopefully. i'm crossing my fingers.. but hopefully.. it will arrive at my door next week in VERY BIG BOX!

    will let you know further, but i will probably announce a news of failure.

    but who knows

    hehe :D
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    Hmmm... now that the picture is fixed, I think it was nicer looking when it was a camera battery.
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    Too late!

    Since when does Target sell Macs online?
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    I believe the Mini is (was?) the first Mac that Target has sold. They have sold iPods, and iTunes Gift Cards, for a while though.
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    They are sold out now :(
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    I ordered a 20-DVD set of old silent horror movies on Amazon one time. The final price was $5, from the regular $150. A week after I ordered it, Amazon sent an email saying that it was a mistake and canceled the order.

    They will probably do this too. Or they will send you that crappy looking battery thing, then you'll have to return it.

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    Hopefully this means that the Mac mini is selling better than expected. That both sites have just run of stock. It will now depend on when Apple can replenish stock. Apple not going to care as long as they are selling product.

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