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Target shipping?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by California King, Oct 7, 2007.

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    I ordered an iPod touch from Target.com on Sep 27 and last Wed. was when it said that it was in transit on ups.com. Now when I go to check, it takes a while for it to bring up the tracking information and when it finally does, all it says is billing info received. Sometimes it even times out and says to try again later.

    Anyone know what's up?
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    If it is coming direct from the factory, it is possible that it hasn't been picked up by UPS yet. This past week China was on a week long holiday. Although i think Apple may have had a limited work force last week, the government and probably the entire shipping industry in the country were completely shut down, which would explain why it wasn't picked up. It will probably be picked up by UPS tomorrow now that the holiday is over.
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    I think tracking info was just down yesterday because now it's back to normal. I hope I get it this week! I hate waiting.
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    for what it's worth, I finally decided to order a 16GB iPod touch from Target using a 10% off coupon last night... earlier this evening I got an email saying it had shipped... so hopefully everything will work out quickly and smoothly here on out.
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    For those who have already received Touch orders from Target- where are they shipping from? China? Some Target warehouse? Apple?

    My order is at 'billing information received', just curious how long it will take to make it to California.
  6. kb3
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    For those interested, the Target iPods ship from Minnesota.. atleast mine did.

    Here was my status:

    10/01/07 05:07 pm
    Billing Information Received

    10/03/07 08:39 pm
    Origin Scan
    Maple Grove, MN

    10/03/07 10:30 pm
    Departure Scan
    Maple Grove, MN


    10/08/07 09:17 am

    Just got it today and this thing is amazing, hopefully that info helped someone.
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    I'll report back when I have more info- mine supposedly shipped last night/today but it currently still says "billing information received" so we'll see what's up with that... so far I'm assuming it just means UPS hasn't been by the shipping location yet to actually pick up the packages, but will by the end of the day... I guess we'll see.
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    Thanks- that was exactly what I was wondering about. I figured probably MN, but who knows if they were being direct shipped from the factory.

    Elbirth- I will post back too. My current status is the exact same as yours. I have a feeling we will both get updated at the same time...hopefully later today.
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    Mine's about an hour away from my house and it still hasn't given an estimated ship date on ups.com. Did anyone else get a ship date?
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    What's an hour away from your house? Your local Target?

    I don't think Target.com ships from your local store, it ships from their online warehouse (I guess in Minnesota, that's where their HQ is.)

    You can't even order online for local pickup like you can with Best Buy or Circuit City, I don't think their web site is integrated very well with the stores yet.
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    Yeah, I checked ups.com and it arrived at a city about an hour away from mine. I know it was shipped from Minnesota.

    CA,  US 	10/08/2007 	8:21 A.M. 	ARRIVAL SCAN 
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    Oh, gotcha. I got confused by your previous question about 'ship date'.

    You'll probably get yours tomorrow, it typically goes out on the delivery truck early in the morning.
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    Yeah, sorry about the bad wording. I hope I get it tomorrow! :)
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    fwiw, you can order some stuff online for in-store pickup at Target, but just not with everything. Because of the stock being shifted around so much of the new iPods, the availability will be constantly changing at the various stores, which is my guess why they're not offered for in-store pickup (they can't as easily send it to the store you need it at)... but it could be other factors as well.
    If they did offer pickup, I'd be riding down to my closest Target, which is half an hour away from me- the only reason I ordered online anyway was so I could get 10% off and save some money.
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    Gosh, I wish I'd ordered a little bit earlier. You're lucky. Was the Touch on backorder when you ordered? Did it say available in 2-6 weeks? Mine did and I called Target.com and they said they won't get any in until the 14th. That means I'm at least waiting until the 19th. Also, do you remember what your estimated delivery date was, California King? Mine says Nov. 5 - 21st. That's just ridiculous.
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    I ordered last week, I think estimated delivery was about the same. But over the weekend I got the email that it had shipped (technically UPS was notified to pick it up).
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    I know you were talking to California King, but I figured I'd chime in here anyway....

    I placed my order Saturday night around 8:30pm ET and received my email notifying me that it had shipped yesterday at 9:22pm. When I ordered, Target's website said that it was expecting stock withing 2-6 weeks. Additionally, Target's internal order tracking page says this, which I find kind of hilarious, considering I upgraded to 1-day shipping:

    Items shipped on Oct 7, 2007:
    Delivery estimate: Oct 7, 2007 - Nov 20, 2007

    Up until a few minutes ago my UPS tracking page simply said "Billing Information Received" but it now shows that the origin scan was in Eagan, MN with an expected delivery date of tomorrow, Oct 9.

    Now, in case anyone is wondering why I upgraded to 1-day shipping... I was already saving $40 by ordering from Target with a 10% off coupon, and it was only like $18 to get the faster shipping... I was expecting it to take a few weeks to actually arrive, and I also placed an order for an invisible shield... so I was expecting to have the shield first and then when the touch shipped, I'd get it quickly with the faster shipping instead of waiting even longer... and I could open it up and immediately toss it onto the iPod as I did with my last iPod. It seems that won't be the case now, so I guess I'll just be careful with it until the shield arrives and I can put it on. I'm mainly concerned with scratching the back- I may not even put the front cover on.
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    Mine hasn't changed yet, hopefully soon...

    Out of the box, the Touch has a clear overlay covering the screen. Just use that to cover the back, and you will be fine until your real protector comes.
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    I ordered the 8GB version on Oct 3. and it says:

    The new Estimated Ship Date for your order is on November 15, 2007 and the new Estimated Delivery Date is on November 20, 2007.

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    No email just yet, elbirth and madmaxmedia. Elbirth which saturday did you order? the 6th or the 30th? And madmaxmedia, when last week did you order?
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    I ordered a 16GB Thursday night (the 4th), and got the shipping notification Friday night. But since then it's been stuck at 'Billing Information Received', so I don't think it's actually in transit yet.
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    What?! I ordered Tuesday the 2nd. No fair! Hmm... have you tracked it on ups.com? I wonder if it actually shipped.
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    I tracked it at UPS.com, that's where it says 'Billing Information Received.'

    It may not make a difference if you haven't yet, I wouldn't be surprised if both our orders are in transit at the same time.

    It does seem odd that I got the notification before you, but I don't think Target.com quite understands the gravity of the situation. ;) I'm sure we'll get our Touch's around the same time regardless.
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    I think the 16GB are shipping sooner than the 8GBs. I ordered an 8GB on 9/25 and today status changed to "Shipping Soon". I will probably get UPS shipping notification tomorrow.
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    I ordered on October 6, and as of a few hours ago, the UPS tracking page says that it's out for delivery, so I should hopefully be getting it soon (I upgraded to 1-day shipping)

    edit: depiction could have a point... my order was for a 16GB for what it's worth

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