Targus Slim Case for 3rd gen iPad - sleep/wake not working

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by RedlegsFan, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I have the new Targus Slim case for the iPad third-generation and it does not put the iPad to sleep as it should. Nor does it wake it up. The case IS for the new iPad as it says so on the box. Anyone else having the same experience with this case.
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    Yes lots don't work
    Mine works well
    Search for the thread on this
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    Yeah I have one also and it does not work.
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    Just based on what I've read here and on Amazon, seems like almost all of them are not working. Mine isn't. This is by far my favorite of the available folio cases and were it not $50 (I think it's a tad overpriced) I wouldn't care about the feature not working but at this price I want it fixed. Supposedly Targus is WELL aware of it now and they said they will have some solution or more info by Monday. Judging by the sheer amount of people I've read on Amazon and here that are returning theirs, whoever is in charge is miserable about now. My only guess is they would rather replace everyones with new stock than have to refund so I'm hoping that is what they do.
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    I bought the slim case too, but Best Buy bagged up an iPad 2 instead of a 3rd gen.

    Accidently opening the wrong iPad in excitement, I tested the new case.

    The magnet seemed to work, I'd instantly hear a click, but followed by a 2nd click, and even more if I barely touched the cover. The screen always seemed off, but sounded like it wasn't aligned, I figured because it wasn't the new ipad.

    My last iPad was 1st gen, so this is my first experience with the magnet.

    When I exchange the ipad 2 for the new one, I may be tempted to test the case in the store. The seem to be a lot of issues with the magnet looking at Amazon reviews
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    I got lucky. The cover works about perfect on mine. I bought it at Amazon.
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    Hubby bought this case yesterday. Smart function does not function.:p
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    wow - don't know what to tell you - I now have two targus cases and both work the on/off function - Here's the white one I just received for my wife:
    you tube:
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    There are many threads about this. No they do not work. Targus like some other manufactures took a gamble and they lost as Apple move the sensor in the iPad 3. Amazon will be getting mine back just as soon as I find better.
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    I really like the Targus case. It feels nice and is the closest thing to my old smart cover / cover buddy combination without much bulk. So while I'll keep it, I'm definitely going to push for a replacement when they come out with the fixed version.

    Question @ everyone. Should I return my case to best buy until then? Or contact Targus directly?
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    I bought this case from Best Buy on launch day. I had not broken it out yet for use as I have still not set up my new Ipad. I actually went out to buy another one today for my mother-in-law but could not find them. Went to Amazon to place an order and saw all the bad reviews. This is too bad. I would keep this for less money as I don't care too much about the on off feature, but as someone else said, for $50 it should work. Any other folios out there that function similar to the original Apple gen 1 case?
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    Bought one at Best Buy last night and it didn't work. Went back today with my iPad in hand and tested a few right on the sales floor until I found one that worked. Very hit or miss...
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    Tried 2 more at best buy, didn't work just like my first. Does nothing unless you push it slightly up when closed

    Edit: tried 7 more no luck
  14. sal
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    7? Did best buy just let you open 7 of those in store? Lol

    I would have kicked you out after the first one and you told you IT DOESN'T WORK! :)
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    Wow, feel like I won a small lottery! Mine is 1 for 1 (works fine). (an early order from Amazon in Indigo). Targus must have a lot of variability in their process so far. If you get one of these that works, it's a nice slim case with a good feel to it.
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    I feel the same nothing wrong on mine on/off works fine and the case looks great just has a little pimple on top right of the case! Doesn't freak me out!
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    For what it's worth, I received one from Amazon today that seems to work fine... Not sure why some work and some don't...
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    It was found recently that Apple put magnets in the iPad (3) that are polarity sensitive where the iPad 2 was not. Case manufacturers (most) never paid attention to the polarity of the magnets during manufacturing so now that's why some work and some don't.
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    Same issue - just got a slim case today.

    I've had to turn off the case on/off feature because I realized that a slight jostling in a bag would have the screen going on and off all day and draining the battery because of Targus's magnet mistake.

    . . . Really frustrating. . . especially for a case that cost $50. Even when I expected it to work perfectly, I was thinking the price should be more like $30.

    It's a great looking case - and has all the presumed features I was looking for - but I may be forced to return it unless Targus makes a statement soon.
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    Mine is ok. But if i move the lid a bit it wake up. I think magnet is not strong there. Anyway mine is on the working side.
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    I agree. I think it's the best looking case out there but definitely not worth $50 even when working. I was going to give them a chance to send me a working one but I've been tempted to just return it anyways and see if Amazon discounts it down the road.
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    Well, they come in an open box design to try them, just slides out, so we went through the cases in a couple minutes. And even though I mentioned and proved the problem, they would of left all the cases for people to buy. By having them check everyone, it at least got them to remove themoff the shelfs. unless they put them back eventually.

    Plus, the least they can do for selling me an iPad 2 as a 3rd Gen, the run out of stock after I caught the mix up.
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    The Targus Versaview case I just got has the same issue - it has the swivel function for both vertical and horizontal viewing, and the case would not let me sleep until I twisted it so the home button was on the right-hand side, with the case oriented for viewing angles. This might be something to look for if it's giving you the 50/50 success rate...or did I just state the obvious?

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