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Targus website edited? (took off "Magnetic on/off" as feature for VersaVu)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by DuckSoup, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Just went to the Targus website to check to see if they mention anything about the non-functionality issues in other threads here as to the advertised "Magnetic On/Off" feature of the VersaVu case.

    Found some interesting results. I found two pages about the VersaVu for the 3rd gen iPad and NEITHER even mentions a "Magnetic On/Off" function. Not a hint. There is even a 1:10 video showing off the features and no mention of the function there too.

    I guess they now realize the function did not work and edited it out (until I guess they fix the issue and have new product ready to ship).

    Note though that the Slim Case page DOES mention the magnetic on/off.

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    I hope they at least offer a refund/exchange for those users that were misled into thinking it had that feature.

    I've said before and will again....buying first-release of these cases in the past has met with all sorts of issues. I'm waiting for second releases before I spend my money on cases this go-round.
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    Probably a good idea. I wish I had listened to one poster who said the same thing in one of the other case threads last week. Good thing I got mine from Amazon so I can return it for instant refund if Targus doesn't give me an answer I like. I agree with the OP though, if it weren't $50 I'd be ok with it, but at $50 for a simple plastic case I expect perfection.
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    I was hesitant too before I bought the VersaVu yesterday, but took a chance there'd be no problems. I wanted SOMETHING to protect my new nearly 1K investment. I'll shop around the next week for another case, then take this one back. If I find one better, I'll go with it. If I don't, I'll continually return new ones until a working VersaVu hits the local shelves.

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    Yea I want to just exchange out my Targus Slim Case but Amazon is sold out of the bone/white ones. I've emailed Targus support and will be contacting them Monday to see if they will direct ship me a new one. If not then I'm returning this one. Sad because I think this is the best looking case out there.
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    Just reterned 2 my Targus case. Amazon asked me to send it back. :) Anyway I don't need defective item at home, but I have to go USPs for slim case and UPS for Versavu. Have to drive around Monday between UPS and USPS :-(
    I must admit Amazon is the best and thanks God I bought it from them.
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    Yea that's one good thing about buying from Amazon. They have always been good if I had to return something due to defect. For USPS you can schedule a pick up and they will pick it up at your house.
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    IMHO, the Versavue is the best case around for versatility...

    I had one on my iPad 2 (this one had no magnets)...and on launch day, I purchased one for my iPad 3.

    The magnet/no-magnet issue is not a deal breaker for me.

    I will, however, follow up with Targus Live Chat tomorrow just to stay in the loop should there be a recall.

    Whether or not they removed the magnetic feature from the website has no effect on the customers who have already purchased the Versavue. The box (which I saved) clearly says "Magnet On/Off" so Targus has no legal grounds to deny that this was, in fact, an intended feature at the time of the sale.

    Personally, I LOVE this case.
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    Returned both of my Slims yesterday to BB. Bought the Apple smart covers. They work great. Now I just need a bottom shell...
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    Yea if I return the Slim Case I will go with a smart cover and Belkin Snap Secure when they are released.
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    I do not think that was their intent. They just likely do not want to advertise the feature while they have none ready to ship with the feature.

    Anyone who orders one from their website will probably get a "back ordered" message and when it ships I am figuring that they get ones that DO have the magnetic on/off and the case says that and thus customers who ordered the case (now) get a bonus unknown (to them) feature. Once Taurgus has cases that work they'll probably update their site again.

    One would figure anyway.


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