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tatu @ 2003 mtv awards

Discussion in 'Community' started by shade, Jun 10, 2003.

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    Anyone know where I can get a copy of the performance by tatu at the MTV 2003 Movie Awards?

    Or when it will be on MTV again?

    My friend missed it and I know she'd love to see it.

    Thanx! :D
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    Thusday at 6:00PM PDT. Check YahooTV or MTV.com.

    TATU was... OMG :eek: !!! Unbelievable. I love lesbians :D (whether they really are or not, who cares?).
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    Right on.. thanx!! I totally agree!

    My friend would agree too.. that's why I want to record it for her.

    Too bad its not on Limewire yet.. :mad: :p
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    What was so great about it?
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    :rolleyes: MTV in America kills me, they try sooo desperately to be cutting edge, when in all reality, they're too scred to push the envelope. MTV UK and Europe is wicked though. Who really gives a toss whether they're gay or not, wooooo two (fairly) cute Russian (ironic that) lesbians. oh, i forgot, the US is so repressed and full of censorship (land of the free?) that it's a sight to behold.

    having said that, it was kind of entertaining ;)

    damn, i'm moody today haha
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    I couldn't tell if they were actually singing or not. At parts it was faily obvious they weren't singing, but at other parts I could swear they were singing.

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    Really.. you could say that about all of America. While we claim to be modern and forward thinking.. most of our culture is really trapped in the Victorian era.. still influenced by Puritan "morals".

    eg: WalMart. :p

    Its really lame.

    However, 100 girls kissing on each other is still a rare sight no matter where you're from I think. ;)
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    Their preformance was pretty good but of coarse none of the good P2P software has it ... yet, I mean one could try and get the stupid crappy MTV stream, but it is... crappy.
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    Amen brudda. I agree witchoo
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    Not only that.. but the MTV stream doesn't have the full performance :rolleyes:
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    Even worse.

    Tho I still can't open the stream...
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    I started out with "How soon is now" "Nothings gonna get us" and "Show me Love"

    After not being able to sleep because I can't get "Nothing's gonna get us" out of my head, I bought the rest of the songs.

    If you liked club music in the late 80s early 90s, you have a good chance of liking tatu. I'm hooked.
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    What's so amazing about lesbians? I know several of them... there's nothing special about them. That's just how they are.

    Go take a cold shower.

    Of course now guys kissing, that's hot.
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    How can Toto compete with this?

    :rolleyes: Men.
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    Oh hell yeah.

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    They're actually not lesbians. My friend who is russian says that they are two girls who were on a show similar to the Mickey Mouse club. Like Britney Spears or members of nsync and other pop groups, they were just seen by a record exec on the show, and were given written songs to perform. They're just a girl group, except in order to make them seem fresh, they are instructed to act as a couple.
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    I absolutely love 80's dance music, yet I hate TATU. A lot of other 80's synth pop revival acts out there right now are excellent (ie The Faint, Miss Kittin and the Hacker, Ladytron, Fischerspooner), but TATU just isn't. The production to me seems to go in all the wrong directions, and results in incredibly boring music. Of course, I have yet to hear any of their English stuff, save "All the Things She Said", but I've heard it's not any better than the Russian songs. I heard a whole bunch of TATU last July when I was watching all of their Russian videos (one of which had the cute brunette one pleasuring herself :eek: ). Oh yeah, and the other one, the chubby one, isn't attractive at all IMO. The brunette, however = [​IMG]

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    *lol* Gotta love those double standards. :D

    Guys kissing? NOT hot.

    Girls kissing? WAY hot. And I know other girls who would agree with me.


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