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Team 3446 not found!!!

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Mr. Anderson, Jul 9, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson


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    Mr. Anderson

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    Mr. Anderson

    Wow, even the foldingathome site is having issues - I got a "The Folding@Home server is currently under a high load, please check back in 2 hours (message cached Wed Jul 9 04:59:48 PDT 2003 )."

    I wonder what happened? I hope someone isn't trying to hack the server.....

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    That is funny. I think every web site should have something clever like that when **** starts going down.
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    Hum... Maybe this is why my WU didn't show up late last night... and I need everyone I do(because I don't do many:()
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    Oops, I guess I shouldn't have transferred points from 3446 to 16. :D

    MacNN has statistics, but from around 05.00 GMT.

    I think those Brasilians who spoiled the hacking contest maybe have set all hackers off and there may be weeks of hacking now.
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    i can get the team rankings thing...but can't load pages for individual teams :(
    ahh...internal server error...
    i hope i certainly didn't do anything to cause the error!
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    Same here...

    I hope my WU that took about 2 weeks of on and off folding to do gets submitted :cry:
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    Im sure things will be sorted out, and as long as you don't delete the wu on your end, I think it will be transmitted... otherwise that would be A LOT of units lost. lots of lost time.

    (plus, Im hoping my comps will get a big boost soon when the servers go back online! ;))
    - bert
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    it says we worked thru less than 4000 pts yesterday. after we had been avging like 9000?? hrmmm.
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    Yesterday's results seem to be missing from the scores; although today's are there. Hopefully, they'll figure it out.

    The overclocking statistics look pretty wild--most teams are down by two places.
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    It seams that all the teams are down tempararily as of 9:39 pm.

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    I haven't turned in the usual bunch for awhile... makes me sad... just got them up and configed/ready! :rolleyes:

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    good morning, still down.
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    Does anyone else thing that the stat servers at Stanford were moved to a new machine? I think this is a possible explanation for all of it. The Stanford machines seem much much faster, and I think that the extremeoverclocking.com scripts are just pointing to the wrong place.

    So, if you want to see your basic stats, go to stanford. But, I loved seeing the graphical representations on extreme's site. Hopefully they will fix their scripts soon.

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    Things seem to be fine for me now. My score from Wednesday showed up finally.

    The server structure was moved around a bit though.
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    Actually, I think it was a bigger problem on Stanford's stat servers. I glanced through their forums this morning and there was talk of some WUs getting turned in with "illegal" answers, or something like that. I guess it was causing all sorts of problems, like teams disappearing and WUs not geting recorded. It seems to finally be OK now.

    I agree that Extreme Overclocking's site is a lot of fun to look through. Team MacNN's site has different, but equally interesting "coverage" of the Folding scene.
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    Jesus this is weird when are we gonnna re-bound, we are low, very low again.
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    I think allot of comps stopped working just to wait to turn in wu's... now they are just starting fresh. the comps that take a week to finish a wu (most mid-level macs) will not turn anything in for a few days. give it time.

    I'm toning down my usage as well. Goin to turn off the home comps to save on power bills.

    - bert

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