techies looking like woz or ally mc beal?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 15, 2002.

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    i am one of those stereotype fat silicon valley techies, butt crack showing, no tie wearing geeks (like i mentioned in another post)

    as techies, or anybody who is at a computer too much, do you look more like the fat steve wozniak or the thin ally mc beal (ie- fat or thin)

    and if you are thin and have a sedintary job, how do you stay that way?

    ps - i used to be under 130 lbs and run a mile under six minutes:p
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm 37, 6'2", 190#, and in shape, play Ultimate Frisbee, run (5k under 20 minutes), and rollerblade. I go to the gym everyonce in a while as well. While I'm not in the best shape of my life, I'm still generally happy with myself.

    I think it safe to say that I will never let myself get overweight. I would be miserable not being able to run fast.
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    i'm leaning more towards ally mcbeal... i'm mostly thin, but i have this annoying little pot belly i can't get rid of... i used to be very overweight in highschool, but years of taunting and abuse at the hands of other kids gave me a brief stint with an eating disorder. that combined with smoking heavily keeps me in shape ;)

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    Out of shape Jonny Depp.

    I'm 6' and 160Lb. I was 140 soaking wet and in good (if not bulky) shape until I took this very desk job a year ago. Now I'm "average" weight and flabby at 160 though you'd only see a slight beer gut. I used to do 220 hurdles and I fenced in College. I'm still damn fast reflex-wise I just don't have the tone I once did.
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    Definitely not Ally......

    I am 6'3", hmmm......I'm rugby player sized broad shouldered....... and cute little love handles........ on either side..... as I've not had time to get down the gym for awhile....... I have no idea how much I weigh..... I don't buy into that crap!!

    Relatively happy with myself...... although not as fit/slim as I could be...... :p

    P.S I never let my arse hang out either...... :D ;) :p
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    I wouldn't go so far to say that I'm an Ally McBeal type...but I am pretty lean...

    I workout 4 times a week...I do yoga when I can...I ride my mountain bike when I can...and I keep to a fairly strict diet (high proteins, low fats, low carbs, high fiber, low sugars, etc...) so it's pretty easy for me to stay slim even though I sit on my @ss 9 hours a day at work...

    about 5 years ago I lost 30 lbs (I got a bit lazy my first few years out of high school :eek:) by changing my eating habits and exercise became a big part of my life...

    now I'm stronger than I've ever been & am naturally leaner than I've ever been... ;)
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    In high school I was my ideal weight for 6' (185) and had 20/20 vision. Now I'm nearsighted with glasses, and 30 pounds overweight. My initiation to geekdom. :D I was reckless too long about watching what I ate, so now I gotta be more careful! I also gotta start excercising more... :rolleyes:
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    sounds like bill gates or steve jobs...he he:p
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    Ensign Paris

    I am not as slim as I should be, although I am a fierce Badminton and Hockey (Field not Ice) player. I have alot of power in my upper body.

    I also used to cycle alot although I haven't started doing much this year due to the weather!

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    6'4 240 i started on varsity this sirng until i broke my ulna and radius(wrist/arm) bench about 275. dont have a 6-pack. but it's not flabby it's pretty hard.
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    I'm 6", 60kg (dunno what that is in your whacky non-metric system - when are you guys gunna catch up, anyway?) I play beach volleyball and run.

    I'm not an ass-crack showing type of guy - I feel more comfortable in a suit and tie than in jeans and a t-shirt. I know that's a bit strange, I guess it comes from only ever seeing my dad in a suit and tie.

    Please no one go all psych on me - I've just spent the last hour talking to a friend doing a psychology at Uni and she was really starting to piss me off! ;)
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    6'1" 180#, that's 1.8 meters, 80kg to you kooky metric folk. :) I spend a good 7 hours a day on my a$$, but though a vigorous routine of never taking the elevator, I manage to stay fit and trim. Well, that and the crack cocaine. Seriously though, when I started working as a tech I had to start eating much more carefully. Now my diet consists mainly of veggies, roots nuts, and berries. Combine that with walking to work every day, running in the evening, and going to the gym to lift weights, and I'm am probably in the best shape that I've been in my life.
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    Heh, hey Paris, we registered at about the same time, only you actually post comments instead of just reading. 1107 - 44 = 1063. I'd say you're a little ahead of me. :p
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    Ensign Paris

    Hey Trin (How do I shorten that name :confused: )

    Well it wont take you long to catch up (I hope) come and get in to the 1000 club :)


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