Teenager Targeted by Apple in White iPhone 4 Lawsuit Interviewed

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    As we reported yesterday, Apple earlier this week filed a lawsuit against teenager Fei Lam and his parents over Lam's sale of unauthorized white iPhone 4 parts, alleging trademark infringement and dilution. At the time, we noted that Apple had simultaneously filed a voluntary dismissal of the case, suggesting that a settlement may have already been reached.

    But in an interview with Fast Company, Lam reveals that he knows essentially nothing about the lawsuit, having learned about it only as reports spread through the media yesterday. Lam notes that a settlement has not been reached, but it will obviously be a topic of discussions apparently set to be held between Lam and Apple's lawyers "within the next month".
    According to Lam, he no longer has a lawyer representing him in the case, as he is unable to afford one. Consequently, he says that he will be meeting alone with Apple's lawyers at their offices in New York City.

    Lam notes that he did not make $130,000 in profits as some reports have claimed, although he declined to specify exactly how much he made from the venture or where those profits have gone. The initial report on his business noted that he had sold $130,000 worth of the parts, but it is unknown how much he had to pay his Chinese supplier for them.

    Article Link: Teenager Targeted by Apple in White iPhone 4 Lawsuit Interviewed
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    Sounds like he was told not to say anything!
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    My cat gives a more informative and interesting interview
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    Are we sure he is not an analyst?
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    Give him a break, he isn't Geohot you know :p
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    "I told Apple's lawyer that I'm sick" ... "I came back from school today"

    Right... :confused: :rolleyes:
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    This kid better bring the KY to the meeting.
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    Quite a good idea going on his own I reckon. A roomful of apple lawyers Vs a a kid... They'll have to tread lightly and tell he's been a very naughty boy.
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    No representation, and a teenager to boot?

    I don't envy the Apple lawyers facing ethical issues relating to meeting with him.
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    Ugh, Apple should leave that kid alone. He seems like a cool enough chap.
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    If he legally obtained the parts and can prove they were disposed of by Foxconn, a salvage claim is in order here. Then Apple can't do anything.
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    Most lawyers don't think about ethics but about profits.
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    Absolutely not.

    Lessen the punishment a bit, but make an example out of him so crap like tis doesn't spread.
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    Tip to kid:

    Record the meeting.
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    The fact that Apple filed the lawsuit and then immediately and voluntarily dismissed it probably means that Apple is doing what they have to legally protect their trademarks without opening the door for others, while still going easy on this kid.

    Sure the kid did something wrong, but I think this case probably warrants a stern talking to, a threat of really pursuing damages if he does anything like it again, and a request for an apology.

    Apple's primary focus here should be protecting their trademarks from infringement by others by going on record as having filed suit. Apple has nothing to gain by seeking monetary damages. However, the kid who did this has something to learn about dealing in obviously stolen parts.
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    Really missing page 2 right about now.
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    That and Apple is likely putting pressure on him to give up information about who sold him the parts. I think it's completely naive to think that Apple is going after this kid to make any kind of point. Imagine if you had a $130K+ debt to Apple and they were willing to dismiss it completely if you ratted out your sources. I imagine that's where Apple and their lawyers are going.
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    May 13, 2010
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    Slap his wrist and put some pressure on FOXCON to better control their parts.

    The only thing that pissed me off is that he used "LOL"...under the circumstances, I wouldn't.
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    Actually, Apple already is...but first MacRumors and Endgaget are going to do a live blog. Next day Apple will let iOS owners download the interrogation.
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    Apple couldn't release the white iPhone 4 when they said they would, and then a teenager figured out a way around it -- and now they are suing him?

    What a joke.
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    That's absurd. Do you know any lawyers personally?
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    What is this kid thinking going up against corporate lawyers without any representation? Apple lawyers nonetheless.

    Take whatever money you made and hire a lawyer.

    Heck, find a lawyer that will do this pro bono. What junior associate would not jump at the opportunity to defend someone against Apple's legal? It's a win-win situation for the junior lawyer.
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    May 13, 2010
    My best guess is exactly the same. Apple is not going after money, they obviously didn't "settle" before creating the suit if they haven't even discussed settlement. So it's pretty obvious that they aren't playing hardball with a teenager.
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    May 13, 2010
    I wouldn't even bother bringing a lawyer, the suit is already withdrawn...there's not much to fear at this point, if you think about it.
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    May 27, 2011

    This is Phil. I thought I would try to answer some of the questions you guys might have.

    I already surrendered pretty much all the info including sources, email messages, IM chat logs, to all the invoices.

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