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Teenager's iPod goes boom

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 12, 2005.

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    Doctor Q

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    Ulp! Are all of our iPods full of poison?

    What exactly do water and heat do to an iPod?
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    Cause it to not work...... ;)
    who leaves their ipods in their pocket, don't u check your pockets before putting it in the hamper....
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    water and heat?

    Apparently it makes them go poof! - Not sure how taking a iPod apart will help anything. I guess drying stuff out. But I think I would have called apple to see what they recommended first...course this may give them a chuckle.

    Maybe since water got inside and if it went through the dryer too. It cause steam and pressure build up and with whatever reaction it had with the battery...it just didn't make the situation pretty. Hope the mate is alright.
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    Why was this marked as humor?

    I think it was insensitive to mark this story as humor, assuming this article is true, and it appears to be.

    I am not sure what in the iPod would explode, but it does contain toxic elements, including lead.
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    It helps if you just let it sit for a few days. I dropped mine in a puddle, let it sit and dry, and it was fine.
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    I would never let my ipod go through the wash. unfortunantly, I can't say the same about my cell phone... ;_;
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    It makes me proud to be an Australian knowing there are kids that stupid growing up around me.
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    Haha, sorry. I submitted this story and marked it as humour. It seemed like such a weird thing to not find slightly amusing. Especially the response of the medical team who said that they made sure the kid was ok, and then swooped out to continue saving the rest of the city.
  10. Sol
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    Humour. Try it some time.

    Get a sense of humour. No-one is dead so why not have a laugh? I am sure the kid is laughing about it too.

    It is only a matter of time before C/Net blows this out of proportion and reports it as a fault with all iPods.
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    I've dropped my cell phone in the toilet, but my iPod would never go through the wash. I get pissed when I leave my tissues in my pocket and they get washed, I couldn't imagine this. And then to have it explode.

    I wonder if his Mom will buy him a new one. Somehow, I doubt the Rio would do much better.
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    it is entirely possible that the kid got his screwdriver to pry open the battery, causing a spark that ignited the acid inside the battery.

    I am glad he is ok, but I still find this funny!
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    iPod Killer

    or Killer iPod?
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    I dropped my iPod in the toilet(discrete veil over details)just cleaned(gingerly) and turned on immediately,no problems(drink had been taken).
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    Great, you can forget about carrying your beloved iPod on trains, planes and subways now. The Federal government will put it on the list of banned products, that include nail clippers, matchbooks and C4 explosives.
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    By chance to you read Slashdot alot, Lacero?
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    I guess the lithium battery plus water makes stuff explode.
    Great idea to mark this as humor, just wish the kid got messed up a little more for being such an idiot.

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    [​IMG] He's a good nominee for the Darwin award.
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    mad jew


    :D But don't you have to die?

    Have to admit, it's kinda embarrassing. It's one of those tales I'd usually just ponderously quip "ahh, only in America..." :eek:
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    James Philp

    That fire guy had the same name as me!
    Wonder how many Philps there are in the world!
    What an idiot, and what a crap mum! What mum doesn't check the pockets before putting summit in the wash!?

    I like the toilet story - have done similar things with wallets and phones. Worst thing is, most of the time I was using the toilet in question (eugh)
    Drink is a (wonderful) terrible thing!
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    James Philp

    Here's what apple has to say:
    Environmental requirements:
    Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)
    Non operating temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
    Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing

    I'm guessing even a 40º wash would completely kill it. Add in water, soapy suds and being tumbled for 40 minutes and you've got the ideal environment to kill any electronic device! Notice noncondensing - i'm guessing that water was never vapor in the first place!
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    mad jew


    And on Friday the 13th!

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    "It was more smoke than fire but it did leave a burn mark on the cover."

    Explosion!!! FIRE!!!! DEATH AND DISTRUCTION!!!!!!!!

    It's filled with poison... run for the hills everyone!!!.
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    Uh because it blew up in his face? :D
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    my Rio 300 (remember them?) went through the wash and survived. I kid thee not.

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