Telecom, Vodafone in iPhone customer scrap

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 14, 2009.

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    The interesting thing about this is that Telecom is not an official iPhone carrier, yet offers an iPhone plan. I don't know whether any other carriers in the world have this arrangement.
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    Nothing like a bit of competition and desire to stock a product that you can carry on your networks but not officially sell in your stores.
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    I'm with Three Australia, who have had a series of iPhone plans since August last year. They weren't an official carrier and didn't have the handsets. They gave you $300 to get one from their four competitors. You then request an unlock to be sent to your iTunes from the carrier.

    This year however, already unlocked iPhones are available directly from the Apple Retail Stores and Online Store meaning you don't have to go through a carrier.

    And from tomorrow the iPhone is also available on Three - making it available officially from all five carriers!

    Competition is awesome.
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    There's an interesting post over at Geekzone:


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