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Temple Bags iPad leather case video review

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Sdevante, Apr 29, 2010.

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    It looks like it'll last a lifetime. Quality.

    I'd love to buy the Temple+Uncrate because i'm into that Goth Black appeal.
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    Not talking kinda makes you look like a doofus. lol Just responding (joking) to your comment on your youtube.
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    Lol no doubt. But if you check my other video on my bike, I sound like a doofus. So I guess I couldnt win. Haha.
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    I was more disturbed by the man purse nature of the bag than the lack of voice commentary. ;)
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    That looks awesome! The leather bound will look even better over time. Oh and nice review, too. I watched your other video, your voice sound perfectly fine to me. By the way, that's a wicked G250R you got there, gonna ride that while carrying the temple bag on the go? :D

    I ordered army green canvas, can't wait for mine to arrive!
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    Looks like something robin hood would wear in sherwood!
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    Quality looks amazing. But I did not realize that Alan from the Hangover had an Ipad.

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