'Temple Run 2' Hits the App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Imangi Studios' iconic endless runner Temple Run proved to be a huge success, having been downloaded more than 170 million times since it launched in mid-2011, and today, a surprise sequel to the original game hit the App Store.

    Temple Run 2 features the same danger-filled action-packed experience found in the first Temple Run game, but it includes new power ups, a mine cart, zip lines, and an even bigger monkey, according to the App Store description. The game is also set in a new environment and it features enhanced graphics.

    Our sister site TouchArcade got an early look at the game and had this to say:
    Temple Run 2 is currently available as a free download from the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: 'Temple Run 2' Hits the App Store
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    Same old game with a different environment.
    Moving on..
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    New Pitfall, I mean Temple Run lol
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    Bummer. I was hoping to get some sleep tonight
  5. bjm2660, Jan 16, 2013
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    Temple 2!!!!

    Strange, it doesn't come up with a search. The direct link above works though.
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    Really unstable for me on my iPod touch 4th gen, ended up dying so many times because of the lag. The game plays and looks amazing on the iPod touch 5th gen though.
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    This is somewhat more intense than I thought. Nice enhancement to an already addictive game.
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    i never tried this game but with all the positive comments maybe i'll give it a shot!
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    Fun game for sure! I still play part one a lot :)
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    ah yeah! :cool:
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    I download this game on my phone,and played for some times,still not very clear about the game rule now,but it seems very interesting.
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    Milk it baby, milk it :cool:
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    Played this for a few hours tonight/this morning. My head hurts. It's awesome
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    I downloaded and played, really it is awesome. Graphics are very good quality!! I came to know a long path after getting fail so many times. So crazy now also playing and my highest score is 9,89,550 ...
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    Enough exercise for the day. Played "Temple Run" for couple of hours
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    An okay upgrade, though the mine car is kinda cool, don't get why MacRumors is covering it though. TouchArcade yes.
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    I've always wondered whether people who are always putting down the efforts of others are over-achievers themselves.

    Would love to see your creations max.
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    The graphics are soooo good. Scary though since Im scared of height :eek:
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    Because Arn runs both sites.
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    Never said anything to put down the dev. Just said that it the same thing as the first temple run and didn't say that wasn't a good game either.
    Heck I played this game for about an hour and got bored of it and left a 5 star review.
    If anything I just gave constructive criticism.
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    AND it's free too!
    easy download
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    Jessica Lares

    I really like the first Temple Run, and while the new graphics are extremely beautiful in 2, a lot of the new scenery is very distracting that it's not very enjoyable to play. Everything blends in together.
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    Have to say this is a pretty intense update. The way the landscape goes up and down, along with interactions with the environment like zip lining. Its a pretty nice change.

    For all the haters, of course this is the same game with a different environment. Isnt that the point? I dont understand.
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    It's Apple's horrible Chomp acquisition. Searching the exact title of an app won't return the app as the first result if something more popular has one of the keywords.

    "Baby Run - Jump Star"? Come on!
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    I don't mind them doing it since you can totally play the games and never spend any real money. its the ones where it's basically impossible to move past X level without putting up some cash that bug me.


    Actually it's more a combo of it being new and possibly not fully indexed yet and the overall ****** meta data. All the Apple Stores need a makeover in the metadata department. One useful change might be to stop indexing descriptions that way folks cant pad in things like "great for fans of Temple Run" in games that are nothing like it but they want it to show in searches.

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