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'Temple Run: Oz' Movie Tie-In Goes Live on App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Temple Run: Oz has hit the App Store, the second movie tie-in for Imangi after Temple Run: Brave last year. Both movies are Disney flicks, with the latest version set in the land of Oz. Oz the Great and Powerful takes place before the famous 'Wizard of Oz', setting up the backstory for how the Wizard made his way to the land.

    Gameplay is similar to other Temple Run titles -- the latest of which has been downloaded more than fifty million times -- an endless runner with a few special power ups added in. Our sister-site Touch Arcade gave this description of the changes from the other versions of TR:
    Temple Run: Oz is a universal app available for $0.99. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: 'Temple Run: Oz' Movie Tie-In Goes Live on App Store
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    More running!
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    They sure are getting a lot of mileage out of that franchise!;)
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    True, but it's a great time waster lol
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    I love temple run, but I am Temple Run'd out.
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    They gotta keep updating, otherwise each version gets stale after a while =/
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    All that processing power and all we get is 20,000 different versions of temple run :(
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    Thought this was the Australian version! You think you're heading in the right direction but end up in the middle of nowhere and need to be rescued by the police.
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    We're off to see the wizard!
    The wonderful wizard of Oz!
    We hear he is a wiz of a wiz
    If ever a wiz there was
    The Wizard of Oz is one becau...


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    That video is painful to watch. It's like they don't know about the Oz books, and they don't know how to play Temple Run 2.
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    This new game is pretty awesome. I was surprised, but it is.
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    couldn't resist

    Been playing Temple Run 2 steady for the past 2 weeks. For 99 cents, I couldn't resist Oz. Nice update to the game. I think worth the 99 cents.
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    Awesome game and I found a perfect game-play video. please check it:
    YouTube: video
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    I hate these Temple Run games. Visually they are great but just couldn't get on with the game play.
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    Endless endless runners....:rolleyes:
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    My six year old is a junkie for the Temple Run Brave game. I still don't understand the appeal, but I'm sure she'll love this one as well.
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    I really hope Temple Run doesn't turn out to be like the now-extremely-annoying Angry Birds franchise. They have potential, but they're overdoing it imo.
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    I'm holding out for Temple Run: The Book of Mormon.
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    the video looks really fun actually
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    AppStore should have a special section just for fleeing from unrelenting and inevitable doom games.
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    They're truly games that put the "fun" in "futility".

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    target audience

    Hi all,

    Temple run is my one of the favourite game. So i want to know the target audience of that game.

    How much females and males love this game.
    A ratio between them. If anyone have any idea please share with me.

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