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Terminator 3 Trailer

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by arn, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Coolies! Thanks!

    DAMMIT! I can't get it to work, I've tried it in Chimera 0.6 and IE and all i get is an error pop up! :mad: (selecting "full screen" BTW)
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    Wow! What can I say? It looks cool until you see the TX..... she looks like she's trying to much to be/look like Robert Patrick.... Just my thoughts
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    I absolutly loved the first two...

    Maybe it is just the trailer but this movie does absolutly nothing for me. It lookls like a bad remake of the second one.

    No new original ideas.

    T2: but now with breasts!

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    Mr. Anderson

    Saw the trailer last night at the showing of Two Towers - it looks great and I have to say Arnold is looking pretty good. Its been a while since he did the last two.

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    T2, part 2

    I loved T2. That movie was sweet as hell, and the visuals of the liquid metal were very ahead of their time.

    I've been syked about this movie since the teaser came out last summer (even though it totally blew :rolleyes: ). What sucks, is that this looks like the same freakin' movie all over again! The "new Terminator" comes back in time for one thing...to destroy us all. Geez, wasn't that what the first two movies were? I'm sure it will be really exciting, but I hope there are more twists to the story than were apparent in this trailer :eek: .
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    Let's face it.. they're all stupid.

    Why would people make a machine to kill all the people in the past? Then they themselves would never have been born.

    The interesting question is, which people needed to produce the offspring to make the TX, or whatever it is? Who can die and who couldn't?

    If the TX killed a vital person, would it blink out of existance? If it did, would the people it killed before come back too?

    Would they of even died in the first place?
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    Even from the trailer alone we can tell that this is a complete bastardization of a great film franchise. Despite the fact that Arnold has aged past far beyond this role, the premise is lame, the "action" is a direct rehash of past Terminator movies (the evil Terminator driving the massive truck? please. already been done.) and it's a flagrant way for some rich studio tycoons to rake up some quick $$$ from an immense fan base.

    "She'll be back." So lame. Christ.

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    I hate to correct you, but.. they didn't.

    Machines made the Terminator series, basically to hunt and kill people they wanted destroyed. So they sent back a Terminator to kill the leader of the human resistance.

    So now they seem to have sent back another Terminator to kill everyone, presumeably to a time after the computer network from which the machines 'evolve' has been put in place. It makes as much sense as any movie involving time-travel does :)
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    A woman?

    Oh my good, this movie is gonna be BS big time!

    How can they use a girld as a robot? you do that when the movie is gonna be low in ratings just to "catch" more people.

    Looks like Terminator 3 felt in to the same hands of the director/producer of Robocop.

    Next time we are gonna see Terminator 4 "the new frontier" or something like that and Terminator with some futuristic flying device on his back and we won't see 3D animation but step by step animation made out of clay.

    I see sad future for this movie. :(
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    Almost every1 says that this movie is going to suck.....
    Wierd thing is .....it's going to be a hit.
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    It is going to me a hit because the name, no because the movie it self. Reminds me Karate Kid with the girl, such 80's concept to add a girl in a movie, it is so cheese and cartoonish!

    I can tell is gonna be:
    -Action 40%
    -Effects 50%
    -History 5%
    -Scripit 5%

    Just imagien Rambo with a girl too. It is not the kind of movie for it. Remind me Species, start like a movie and end up like a tv serie Cover-up low budget type of thing.

    Well, lets wait to see the movie at list we may end up with a good suprise :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Anderson

    The only really redeeming part of Species were the nude scenes, and that's not saying much.

    Seeing a naked terminator woman wouldn't be all that better. Who's playing the killer wench?

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    Mr. Anderson


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    well, as a fan of the series, I cannot wait! I personally think that it is going to rock!. Come on T3

    July 03, can't wait.
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    umm since when do cyborgs age........
    oh and in my opinion though time travel may be possible it would be impossible to change the past, such as if you went back 80 years and accidentally killed your grandfather before your parent (mom or dad) was born then that would mean you would not be born right, so no your not just going to vanish from family photographs man you would have never existed in the first place and you could never have come back from the future to kill your grandfather, it would negate itself, or cause a time rift or something that would destroy the universe, which probably isnt the case becaue we are all here right now and if someone was able to go back in time later in the future they would have done so already in our past.....but I could be completely wrong.
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    James Cameron said it himself, "I've already done everything I could do with the Terminator" (this also includes the T2:3D ride at Universal)

    He said the same about Aliens, and look at Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, they all sucked in comparison.
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    Oh god..... That 'She'll be back' at the end is just way to corny.

    I can't stand stupid scripting like that. :rolleyes: :D

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