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Test Your iPhone Typing Speed

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 10, 2007.

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    iPhoneTypingTest.com provides you with a simple way to test how fast you can type on your iPhone keyboard.

    Tapping the text entry field gives you a phrase to type. Pressing "Done" on your iPhone keyboard completes the test and gives you your words per minute speed.

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    first post! This will be interesting to see what kind of speeds come out using the "no-key" keyboard...
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    ALAS i dont have an ifone....:mad: stupid australia.

    i did however get 82 wpm typing on a computer :p
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    You have to do it in portrait mode...but i got around 30-33 words per minute using two fingers with 1-3 mistakes. I am around 60-80 on a real keyboard.

    Mistakes are ok because iphone corrects them Except in safari(you are on your on in safari.) EDIT- Not true- It is correcting now...Not sure why not before.
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    I suppose you mean 60-80 words per minute on a real computer keyboard? How fast are you on a smartphone with hardware keys?
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    I got about 40 wpm with a mistake or two
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    30 wpm with the sound off. Yes, it actually matters, at least to me. Also, not sure why people are saying it doesn't correct your mistakes - it fixed mine without any problem at all...
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    It seems I am a pretty quick typist. Obviously done on a windows PC but 1535 wpm must be a world record.

    Pretty impressive.

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    ffaarrrrrrrrrrkkkk!!! thats crazy.. i spend half my time reading the actual sentance hahaha
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    Anyone else think a post about typing proficiency with a typographical error in the title is pretty hilarious?

    edit: it used to say "Test You iPhone Typing Speed"
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    hahaha nice... i got 38 wpm, which is damn fast on this bad boy :)
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    Ooh, ooh, I do, I do!
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    Yeah...if you just click the blue field on a normal computer and then click anywhere outside of it then it does that. The only thing that tests is how fast you can click...which means you're excruciatingly slow.

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    Your keyboard must be on fire, but i actually typed the sentence out and i took longer than the time given, so not sure how accurate the test is, but then again it was designed to work in Safari on the iPhone rather than IE7 on windows XP SP2
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    pffft, slow-poke :D

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    30-40wpm doesn't seem too bad.

    (oh, btw, i win.)
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    I got about 19-24wpm, and on a computer I am 30-60. Fun to play with tho...
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    I got 86 typing on my computer, not going that fast.

    But beat this: :p

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    31 wpm on my iPhone.....better than I thought I'd do, honestly.
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    Hmm, beat this:


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    I'm 80+ on a computer and on the IPhone, I'm about 45.
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    I got 50 typing my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard, but the keyboard was kinda faulting out like it couldn't process the information fast enough.
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    Well my computer keyboard typing isn't that great (42wpm). But my iPhone typing was 38wpm. Maybe I should try holding my computer keyboard in my hands and typing with my thumbs on that too :p
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    Neat, tool. I'd like to see the test last for at least one full minute to be more accurate about your typing speed. Interpolating a full minute's rate based on one sentence isn't as accurate as it could be. I realize this is just a fun little app and not a real test.
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    you guys are pretty fast, I only got 25 wpm and I was trying pretty hard too. haha

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