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Tetris - Anyone know a good copy

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by LCaller, May 19, 2007.

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    All, I'm searching the web for Tetris am willing to buy it so it doesn't have to be free but it does have to be a half decent copy.

    Can anyone recommened a version..

    TIA Lee
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    Second. Quinn is by far the best (and prettiest) "falling blocks game" available on OS X. Plus, it gives you the option for network play, which is tons of fun.
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    There's also freetetris.org it's online only and not too pretty- but it's plenty addicting.
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    Tetris Zone

    I would definitely check out Tetris Zone. Unfortunately its not free but out all Tetris games I've tried, I would definitely recommend this one! :)
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    Quinn is exactly what you want.
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    If only it was Universal...
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    Why? It runs excellently on my MacBook...
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    When I have time I go to http://www.freetetris.org/ its a great tetris site if you just want to quickly play a game in your spare time.
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    That's wild, I had no idea it wasn't UB. ...I'm on PPC so it doesn't matter, but still...
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    I'm always running out of RAM (maybe I should upgrade...) and so the less Rosetta there is, the happier I am :)
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    Ugh rosetta seems to be such a biatch on my MBP 2.33ghz, I'm always getting the spinning beachball of death!
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    Quinn runs great on my MBP :D
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    On a Mac, I'd say Quinn.

    Best Tetris I've yet played is Tetris DS mind you. the music and visuals work so well together, lots of extra modes and online play (with rankings, I believe). I've spent days playing just single games in the past (thanks DS's sleep feature).
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    Definately go with Quinn.

    And the fact it is not UB, well there is a *relatively* stable UB version (however I would not recommend it over the PPC version mind you) over in the forums but it's development was abandoned because the bugs that appeared were to difficult to solve without Simon (the developer) having an intel mac himself. More info available there.

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    Quinn actually runs better on my Intel Macbook than my G4 Mini :D

    Not that it's a surprise, really.
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    emacs its free and already part of OS X, well UNIX.

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