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TETRIS - Who loves it?

Discussion in 'Games' started by mike dunx, Oct 15, 2006.

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    I love this game. My favorite version is the original for gameboy. It's also pretty fun on my iPod too. Who else loves Tetris here?
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    I'm a complete addict - always have been. I had the Gameboy version which was good. I use Quinn on my PB now which is also pretty good. I think the best version I ever played was Super Tetris on my LCII, it had bombs and other cool stuff.
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    I'm pretty addicted too. I used to get bored in class and then I would just start drawing tetris blocks and fitting them together on my paper. It would get pretty intense at times.
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    is there a tetris for osx? the other game options suck
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    I love Tetris too, and Quinn is great for playing it on the Mac. I do think the old Gameboy cross pad is the best for playing it though. It's just the most simple perfect game ever, and satisfies any OCD tendencies I have to line things up. :p I also like playing games to have a think, and this is one of those games it's nice to lose yourself in and have a think about stuff.

    There's a good widget called Mini Dropper (they also do many other nice mini things) that is a good simple way to play it if you're running Tiger.
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    I *raises hand*

    My favorite version was Tetris DX version for gameboy; it had a couple new modes. Played that one a lot.
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    tetris rocks. I play it a fair bit on my DS Lite. i even had a bash at playing against others over the internet... I got whipped. I thought I was good at it, I dont stand a chance online! crazy fast. :rolleyes:
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    As of now I have a gameboy emulator for my computer where I can just play tetris full screen with a usb game controller I have. It's pretty fun.
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    I'm a fan....but my friend is a NUT!

    He has it on his iPod, and plays it all the TIME....he played it on my DS lite, and loved it.
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    I do. Multiplayer Tetris DS is the best! :cool: Although the Nintendo music gets a little old. I want to hear some of the classic music in mutiplayer.
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    I also first got addicted to the original gameboy version. I used to play it so much (on road trips) that I would find myself playing it in my head when not playing it on the gameboy. Kind of a funny feeling actually and made it really hard to fall asleep...
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    Tetris mania.

    Has anyone heard the cover of the Tetris theme song performed by Ozma? I think it's on their web site.. It's called Korobeiniki but it's basically the Tetris theme in a rock song. I showed this song to my brother and he was playing the theme on his guitar for weeks.

    Here's the link
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    my sister was tetris-obsessed when I was a young pup. We'd play it on our original 'fat' gameboy (first the gray, then the clear). She took it with her to college so I only got to play occasionally. After a while, though, I got a phone with a Tetris demo. I couldn't buy it because it was on my mom's business acct. and we couldn't get the purchases to work properly. Finally I got a phone after a while that it worked on and I wore out my thumbs in the process. I subsequently got Quinn for my MBP when I heard about it.
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    I love Tetris! Still one of my all time favorite games. I like Bombliss a little better, I used to play it on Super Nintendo for hours.
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    I have my old GBA in the bathroom with the original GB Tetris in it in lieu of magazines. I love that game so much.
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    Haha, I have mine in the car. Bathroom sounds like a more convenient location though. I'd probably just end up taking 2 hour craps though.. so I don't know if that's such a good idea.
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    Open Terminal. Type emacs. Hit the ESC key, type x, type tetris, then hit return.

    Quinn is cool too though.
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    I love playing Tetris on my original NES system. :D
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    Hooray for Tetris. I wore that thing out on my Gameboy. :D
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    After playing the DS version to mad I can't go back to the GB version. too slow, too rubbish IMO. Though folk get fickle about Tetris. Theres 1 good version and a million bad ones. so it seems!
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    I should check out the DS version. Being able to play online against people sounds like a fun feature.
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    Same here. I'd actually dream Tetris. Haven't played for years but I'm considering getting it for my 80gb iPod when it arrives, but I'm scared of the nightmares :eek:
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    Quinn is great on my iMac.
    Age must be slowing me down. I cannot get close to scores that I put up 5-8 years ago.
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    Just out of curiosity what are people's high scores? Mine's 182,423 from 284 lines in Quinn.
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    My Girlfriend is a Pro at Tetris.....I Suck, :rolleyes:
    She use to play the version that was on the N64...I know there is probably more then a few but I forget the exact name. :confused:

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