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Texas wildfire

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by mcrain, Sep 6, 2011.

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    It's been rumored that Rick Perry's aide started the fires in Texas to divert attention away from Rick Perry's record and to make him look better; do you think it's ok for Rick Perry to use taxpayer money to fly around Texas talking about these fires?

    This question in the format utilized by FoxNews.
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    Rodimus Prime

    I think anyone who believes that crap is as bad as people who think Fox news is fair and balanced. Hell I am not even sure how the wild fires could make Perry look good.

    Best case the news sits on wild fires nothing about Perry but not going to change the fact they will go after him later and the guys list of **** ups is a mile long and growing.
    I was glad he was campaigning because that meant he was not doing his job here in the state which is a good thing because that means he can do less damage. Sadly we people living in Texas are going to suffer for his political agenda as he will hurt us just to win.
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    Ha, that's hilarious... highlight after the ....'s

    edit - (I normally wouldn't do that, but only FoxNews loads their questions with complete falsehoods, and does anyone really know if all of Rick Perry's aides locations were known when the fire started. Rick Perry should come out and explicitly deny any wrongdoing and condemn anyone in his staff who might have started the fire!!!)
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    I think he's a pretty evil guy, but not that evil. I just hope with how much he's for states being responsible for their own disasters he doesn't go to the federal government asking for help with anything.
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    This should be merged with the 9/11 Conspiracy thread.
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    I'm curious as to whether he's going to request FEMA funds immediately or wait for congress to first balance the federal checkbook and offset the spending before asking for them. :rolleyes:
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    Rodimus Prime

    I believe he has already requested it and some of the counties have been approved. His first request got denied because I believe it was for almost every county in the state. Several of these counties were clearly not in need of FEMA aid for wild fires. They flat out denied the state FEMA aid because it was overly broad in the requested and they demanded a more limited scope
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    "Perry, a Tea Party favorite who has made a political career of railing against government spending, said he expects federal assistance with the wildfires. He also expressed frustration that equipment at Fort Hood, including bulldozers and equipment that can cut deep fissures in the earth, are not already in use."

    How's that teaparty no federal government interference working out for him.
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    If the OP is serious, this conspiracy stuff is just completely out of hand. I'm as paranoid as the next guy, but come on...:rolleyes:
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    Something tells me he isn't being totally serious :rolleyes:
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    It's been rumored that Obama backed big business instead of the EPA when he deep-sixed an air quality initiative; do you think it's ok for Obama to be a member of the Democratic party and yet destroy clean air measures?

    This question in the format utilized incessantly by mcrain.
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    Considering Texas pays more than it receives, why is it outlandish to try and get our money back? But yes Perry is an ass and a hypocrite.
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    What time period specifically are you claiming Texas paid more than it received?

    According to this analysis, which revealed Texans paid about $147 billion in federal taxes in 2005 while the state received $149 billion in federal spending.

    Politifact.com's summation: "The figures from our sources show two different trends. On an annual basis between 1981 and 2003, Texas almost always paid more in federal taxes than it got back from Uncle Sam. But since 2003 the reverse has been true, with Texas receiving more than it paid in five out of seven years, which is close to routine."
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    Sorry, I fail to see the humor. That is/was beautiful country right there -- I visited it about 45 years ago or so, give or take. I'm sure the people there are heartbroken. My recollection would have it a rather unlikely location for this kind of conflagration.
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    So not only did the mass prayer not work, it actually pissed God off!
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    This may be a karma-ran-over-your-dogma moment:

    Governor Perry cut funding to fire departments by 75% this year:

    Translation: He stepped into a bucket of brown applesauce and now he wants the Evil Federal Gubmint to wipe off his shoes. Pathetic.
  17. Ugg
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    I wonder how he manages to spin this one, especially on the eve of 9-11.
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    Rodimus Prime


    what makes it worse is I am willing to bet most of that money cut rural areas which are the ones who normally have to deal with the wild fires more often than the cities which have more money for their fire departments.
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    Another translation :

    I want FEMA in my state NOW.
    After the fires are put out we can cut their budget but only AFTER they pay me.
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    As far as I know, FEMA does not put out fires. Firefighters do that; sometimes "firefighters" includes National Guard, and the Texas National Guard is busy on this one. That costs money, too.
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    This is just so representative of how the new American right seems to operate these days. Ridiculous. I love how, despite strong criticisms of FEMA in the past he says "now is not the time" to discuss reform. Of course he doesn't want to discuss it when his state needs it! I wonder if the unemployed citizens of Michigan feel its the right time to discuss unemployment cuts?
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    Yeah for small government. Who cares if your state burns. :rolleyes:
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    Rodimus Prime

    well I care if the state burns but I live here.

    Perry is a scum bag and I hope this mess makes sure he can not run for relection in the state again. The guy has screwed up this state pretty badly.
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    Funny how Perry has his hand out to the government when at times he seems to have wanted Texas to be it's own country. If it were, he would have to fund it's own fire department and deal with the fire problem all on his own.

    Wonder how that would work out for him?
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    Yay for small government! What a victory! See? It works great!


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