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Text Message Alerts?!

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by lbjandai, Jan 8, 2007.

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    I will be in school till 2 30, so no news for me until then unless i rush over to a computer which wont be easy. Do any sites do some kind of text message news alerts?
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    you should probably worry about school and then check macrumors.com when you get done with something like school that has much higher priority than knowing what apple releases, immediately as apple releases it.

    to answer your question, i know of no such websites.
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    Have your mom send you text messages.

    or go to the library.
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    it's just high school i assume, it's not like he works at the White House.

    apple news definitely takes priority.

    (I'm not being sarcastic, i wouldn't be able to focus on work anyway.)
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    hey ill be in school till 250 but i have a class that we can whatever we want so ill ask my teacher if i can check something on the computer(thank god macrumors isnt blocked in out school's filter..

    well if possible at all... go to www.mobile.macrumors.com on your phone...
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    I'm surprised your guy's schools let you have cell phones on. We must have ours off at all times. Luckily in CST, the keynote is at 11:00 which corresponds to my Computer Concepts class at 11:00 so that means if we have free time, which we almost always do, I can pop onto MacRumors for updates and then at lunch to wap.macrumors.com (smaller text, better read) for the complete listing of products at 1:10, at which time the keynote will hopefully be done.

    And you know what? One kid thinks I'm looking at pr0n. Apple products are much better then pr0n.:D :D (What a sick mind kids have these days)
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    we cant have them on but most of us keep ours on silent... but some of my friends phones vibrate very loud ie.( the Verizon V is super loud) im happy with the W300i that cant be heards except for the one time my external play button got hit and my music player got started.
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    Are you seriously asking that? Its Macworld, for goodness sakes, dont goto school, take the day off, and be the first one to get the new iphone, ipod!!
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    Tomorrow is a half day(we only get one a month - great timing) for me, so I get out of school at 12:45pm EST. Should be home by 1pm EST, which means I'll get live updates for half the keynote.
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    i could miss because im just getting over a bad bad cold and im still not 100 percent over it but i cant stand to miss in honors math(because i have a c-) and then i wont get to play at our basketball game on thursday..

    Oh what the heck!!!!!!:D :D :D ill act sick i mean you're right!!!!! ITS macworld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I've got a work period with access to a computer lab, and a class in a computer lab from 8:40 to 11:40 (PST) tomorrow. I'm set to watch the site!

    Provided the Windows boxes hold up for me, that is.
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    i have A Level exams tommorow(uk) and i should really revise. but screw that! Missing this would miss the point in living!!!
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    Missing A-levels could be the difference in living and living well and being able to afford the stuff.

    What's the big deal with some electronics? CES is on this week, too.

    School is important. These things will be nearly obsolete in 6 months.
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    which means in 6 months we get to get all excited all over again! woo :D
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    6 months :eek: thats nothing, start planning now guys :p :D
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    O! to be in England now that MWSF is here. For us it falls nicely at 17:00.
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    it sure does! still i took the day off school to prepare haha
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    ...so that it nicely spans the commute home from work? :eek:

    I'll be watching macrumorslive.com at work for the first 1/2 hour, then trying to get home ASAP to catch up. Having said that, I'll see if that page loads OK on my XDA :)
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    As I'm not working much at present this does not pose a problem. :)

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