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TextNow: Unlimited Free Texting on Your iPhone or iTouch (Google Voice support too!)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by derek13, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Get TextNow in App Store
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    We now support Google Voice integration. Check out our tutorial/guide here:

    Here are some screen shots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I would like to thank the beta testers for helping out with the beta testing. If you helped with the beta, please send me an e-mail for a free final version of the app.

    If you guys have any questions about the app, feel free to ask in this thread and I will do my best to answer all your questions :)

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    Will this app give mea consistent # my friends can text me at or will it change every time I send them a message like with some apps?
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    What is your response to the reviewers who say it doesn't work in Canada. I notice it doesn't work with the largest cell network (Rogers) according to your iTunes blurp.

    Do both parties (ie: sender and receiver) have to own this program? Does it work with Rogers?
    Do both sides have to have a text plan?
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    Unfortunately, it doesn't provide a dedicated phone number for the app.
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    Rogers does work with the app. The reason it wasn't listed was because Rogers has a different sms gateway which required the recipient to reply "Read" to view the message if the recipient uses Rogers.
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    so whats the point of this app then? basically i could use IM+ and aim protocol to do the same thing if it doesn't go over the rogers hump.
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    Derek13: Thank you for your reply.
    You haven't answered the other two concerns:
    1. do both parties have to own this app
    2. do both parties have to subscribe to a text plan?

    When you say it works with Rogers but the recipient has to reply 'read', do you mean that it is simply a simple extra step before reading (if so, I can live with that)?

    Lastly, I gather this only works on iPhone to iPhone?

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    1. Both parties do not have to own the app. However, if both parties own the app, you have the option to bypass the carrier and the messages come much quicker. If both parties have the app, neither party will be charged.

    2. Both parties do not have to subscribe to a text plan. However, if only one party has the app, at least one party has to be able to receive text messages.

    The "Read" is basically an extra step. This only applies to recipients who use Rogers Wireless though.
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    and the last point? is it only iPhone to iPhone or can I text any cell?

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    you can text any cell.
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    More importantly can your friends text message you at all ? More specifically initiate a text message to you, if you are using this APP. What do they text it to ?

    If a friend initiates a text ( from any phone with SMS ) , as texting it to my phone # , its not free as the name implies, and goes to the build in texting APP , not Unlimited 2.0 .
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    If both parties have the app installed, you can receive texts directly in the app free of charge. However, if the other party doesn't have the app installed, the incoming text message goes to the default SMS app and normal text messaging charges would apply.

    We are working on adding a feature where non-iphone users can text directly to the app using a dedicated email address similar to what textfree has right now.
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    I apologize if this is a redundant question, but as long as both parties have this app installed on their iPhone's, neither of us should receive any surprises in terms of text charges on our AT&T bill, correct?
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    I was one of the beta testers for this app. It's fantastic. :)
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    when do you think push will be fixed?
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    In the app, there is an options section to switch U-SMS to U-SMS "ON". As long as that is switched to "ON", AT&T will never charge you for text messaging when both parties are using the app.
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    We submitted the fix to Apple already. It is the matter of waiting for Apple to approve the update.
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    Sorry to say but I urge people not to buy this. It's a waste of money, you are basically paying $3.00 for half an app. While you can SEND text messages, you simply cannot RECIEVE text messages unless the sender has the same app, and if they don't, it just goes to the default SMS application. So BASICALLY what they are telling you is that you might as well have just sent the message directly through your phone instead of pointlessly spending your $3.00.
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    Slow down man.. just because you dont like it doesn't mean we all won't. I have this app and its works pretty well.

    The part you dont understand is this:

    you can send a free text to anyone you wish.

    The part your confused about is if someone wants to initiate a text to you there is no dedicated number or address (yet, and could be one soon) so there is no choice to send as a regular, However if you send a text 1st and they keep repling to that original messege it will always return to your U SMS app. with no text charge.
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    And as of August 18th this is also changing at FIDO. no more 6045551212@fido.ca internet e-mails routed to your SMS box. COMPLAIN NOW FOLKS!
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    How do people text you? What is your text address?
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    For the next major release, we are adding a feature where you can select your own dedicated address for people to text you.

    The feature is not in this version yet and we are working hard to get this feature working for our next release.
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    for now you have to send one text 1st, after that ther person can just keep replying to that.

    then see derek's response.
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    you guys are behind textfree...
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    We know that and that is why our price reflects that. ($2.99 one-time vs $5.99 per year).

    We plan on implementing all the features Textfree has. So, all existing customers will get them at no additional cost when they are available.

    We also plan on adding additional features that Textfree does not have. Our application also has a more pleasing looking UI than Textfree's and we will continue to work on improving it.

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