THANKS APPLE - I am done here....

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Stojamow, Sep 16, 2003.

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    Because of the upgrade they provided to us I am not going to switch. I need my laptop now - not next year

    = I just posted my order to Dell (M60 Notebook)

    It is very impressive piece of technology

    and please note that the MAC has a G4 1.25ghzDUAL prosessor and it is still left heavily behind

    I feel a bit sorry because I like the design but I cannot do compromises with the performance.

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    Bye and good luck with the Dell. I don't know what you are talking about as far as the Dual 1.25 G4 is concerned that is a tower. If you are trying to say that your Dell laptop will have a 1.25Ghz Dual G4 tower for lunch, then I think you are kidding yourself. They can show every benchmark they want, but everything I have seen lately coming out of the G5 benchmarks that include G4 counterparts, the Duals always have singles for lunch, especially the more apps. you open and run at the same time. The new Powerbooks will be very nice laptops. Well have fun with your plastic Dell with Windoze.
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    Great! I won't be sorry to see you go, but good luck none the less!

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    After Effects IS SLOW on the mac...there's just no question about it. i've worked with it a little on both windows and mac os x, and the windows machine crushed the mac. that's just life...and they are only computers...

    i really get annoyed of people who have to tell everyone that they will not switch because apple just "did not perform" did not release an incredibly amazing 10 years ahead of it's time machine.
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    On Dual machines, you can pull a little trick with After Effects and the After Effects Render engine... for a serious performance (2x) speed increase.. ;)
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    Its just another fool who capitalizes MAC... why do you even post a reply.
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    I'm sorry, I have to interrupt. It's a Mac, short for Macintosh. The Mac, or a Mac. It doesn't stand for anything, and therefore should not be all capitalized as MAC.

    Sorry, it's a little pet peeve of mine...

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    Powerbook G5

    I think these new PowerBooks are sweet! If he seriously rather have a Dell running XP, than any of these PowerBooks, then he wasn't seriously that into switching in the first place. Man, if my dad made me get a Dell, even if it were a 3 GHz top of the line everything, I'd still feel like dropping it over the bridge and going back to my 400 MHz G3. Being a Mac user is just so much nicer of an experience. I get more done, I enjoy the time I am using it, and it just works the exact way I want it to.
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    WTF are you talking about? Johnnowak as exactly saying that. Please read his post before you quote and correct him. Stojamow was the one who made the mistake.
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    do tell. mr combustion. ;)
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    Whoops, sorry, I quoted the wrong post!

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    I'm willing to bet that he'll get the So.Big when he first gets online.
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    For every one nay-sayer there is at least one person like me.. happy with the updates and eager to switch to the finest computing platform.

    He's just jealous..;)
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    I saw the Dell he was talking about and it is alot faster than the new PowerBooks (1.25 and 1.33Ghz), but it also costs $4500 for the high end version. Although if you want to play games, the Powerbooks are actually faster because they have better V card.
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    Powerbook G5

    Dude, I look at it this way...the new PowerBooks can run OS X faster than any PC. I'm happy with the updates. Enough said.
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    Funny how whenever Apple updates its product line you get a lot of trolls coming out of the woodwork saying "not good/fast enough, I'm getting a Dell". It happens every time and it's never longtime Mac users jumping ship--always newbies with 1-2 posts. We get 2-4 hours to enjoy the thought of the new product before the troll patrol comes along.

    We all know this, but the troll patrol is painfully ignorant anyway. Let me check my laptop again for those 1.25 processors.
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    My work could pay me to use XP, I guess (thankfully they're sticking to 2K) but there's no way I'd run it at home. I've done enough futzing with my housemate's Dell to know that all the things that annoyed me about Windows from 95 on up are even more apparent in XP.

    Really, I don't care what the specs on Wintels are anymore, or what the Macs look like. I'd just rather be running OS X than any version of Windows, and I'd rather run any other version of Windows than XP.....well, except maybe Windows ME. :D
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    Powerbook G5

    ME was bad...even for Microsoft's standards.
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    Lord almighty.
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    Re: THANKS APPLE - I am done here....

    i can't help but respond to this non-sense... if what you got is better than dual g4 1.25, then you weren't obviously waiting for a PB upgrade... did you really expect a PB upgrade that's faster than dual g4 1.25??

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    -Yes, classic troll

    Question though: What the Hell does he need performance for? We're at a point where it's not really mattering anymore - even for games (well at this detail level).

    If performance is really that big a need, a laptop is not the best choice.
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    What would you expect from PC trolls? Intelligence?
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    Read the article--the laptop was almost $5,000, and its specs werent much better than the new PowerBooks (if they even were, but Im too lazy to check).
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    I'm sorry, but this simply doesn't make any sense at all.
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