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The $2000 iBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mashinhead, Oct 21, 2005.

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    I have seen this auction a lot on ebay. Its this guy who creates custom ibooks, and makes them faster. Does anyone know anything about this. Does it look legit. I have talked to some ppl who have bought it in the past, and they seemed happy.

    I'm considering working with him, and need some macrumors advice to be sure.
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    12" Powerbook is better and $500 less. Why do it?
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    I love all the pointless buzzwords and inflated descriptions he uses....
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    He hasnt sold one yet.

    I think its just HIS iBook he upgraded with "cheap" (as in if you upgraded to same specs thru apple it would cost alot, sorta) PC laptop parts.

    Doesnt seem like he does this for a living.

    All those magical words mean nothing to anyone, not even him.

    $2000 on a USED iBook, nowhere does it say new or just bought and modded etc, its used, its scratched its BS.

    Reported him for "keyword spamming" it is NOT a G5 nor a Powerbook. Should be removed I think.
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    well it does say new. All the other stuff i can do myself. The real questions is what does he mean by wiser programing, is that possible, i mean wouldn't apple have done that if it was.
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    Wow! "Up to 11x FAR FASTER THAN EVEN A DESKTOP G4/G5!!... incorporating proprietary WISER™ programming technology! ++CRASH FREE ZONE!!++ Now you can REALLY multi-task without waiting or locking up, making all RAM specs nearly obsolete!! Imagine your computer working smarter as you play harder longer! Would you believe it if I told you the more you use your iBook, the faster it gets? This makes my iBook a click-and-go notebook.This is the most exciting achievement ever!!"

    Think of how much this guy could make selling that to Apple.

    Run away.
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    ++FREE iLife '05 with your purchase!++

    ++FREE Microsoft Word, Excel, Entourage, and PowerPoint with your purchase!++

    So maybe it is new, but there ya go, that stuff is FREE with a new iBook and the MS Office is only a 30day trial.

    he tell you nothing of this WISER tech, it means absolutely nothing. he is a windbag, a con artists and tons of other harsh words for someone who wants to rip people off. I mean he says that the iBook case is much cooler than the powerbook counterpart, YEAH DUH PLASTIC!
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    Ya, a 1.33Ghz iBook G4 is going to be faster than a 1.67Hz PowerBook G4....dream on.... :rolleyes:
  9. jsw
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    You guys are all wrong.

    I ordered one for my new friends in Nigeria to use because they were having trouble transferring funds to my account for safekeeping, and they have let me know that it works very well. In order to speed up the transfer, they've asked for me to send several others. Since they are paying me over US$25M to help, that's not a problem. I do hope I see the money soon, though.
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    You too?! Wow, what a coincidence :)
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    Wow, I wish that I had friends like that! ;)
  12. TBi
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    Ya those nigerians have a lot of money to throw around. I bought 5 for them! They sound like very honest people, especially from their e-mails. Plus those laptops look like such a bargain (although the guy doesn't mention that running an iBook in clamshell mode isn't recommended normally, and definately not with a hotter 7200RPM drive).
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    For 2k a guy could buy two 12" iBooks, one for him and another for his girlfriend. Or he could buy from this guy and have his girlfriend kick him in the the nuts. :rolleyes:
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    this has been there for months... is her really getting people to buy this or keeps trying to sell that one...who knows...
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    Well that's not really the case. Obviously the dude opened the box to do all these "upgrades" to make it last "forever" and once that happens, it's no longer new.
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    sometimes it is hard to pass up a good nut kicking...i seem to be doing things all the time that warrant me one...

    anyway, concerning the computer, if someone is selling modded Macs, and they arent an apple value added reseller then its crap. Keep in mind that you can get a new 12' iBook with a gig of ram and still have some money left over for some other cool stuff if you were willing to spend 2k.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    wtf? lol.
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    I am going to email the ebay seller and invite him/her to this thread to explain the ambigous auction.
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    That guy has been trying that for over a year; I was thinking about getting an ibook last summer (not his, but I came across it) and he had basically the same ad up. There are other threads on him; I'm too lazy to search at the moment. I wonder if any suckers have ever bitten? :eek:
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    Obviously this guy knows what he's doing, I mean who wouldn't want sleep disabled when you close the lid so you can run system maintenance, etc :rolleyes: I'd hate to see the condition of that screen after a few months.

    The guy is a con artist for sure, I'm guessing a pc user who clearly has no idea what damage he's inflicted on a perfectly good machine.
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    sounds like a lot of simple mods done to the iBook. i dont know why anyone would pay extra for something like that when can just buy an iBook and do the mods yourself for free!!! not to mention just buying a plain PB does all of that stuff on its own anyway!!!!! heh. . . also sounds like the iBook is a very unstable machine. i know when i had an iBook and had the screen spanning hack it was pretty unstable. and the closed lid hack is pretty bad for the iBook b/c the heat cant escape as well as with the aluminum PBs when they are closed. i would not encourage anyone to buy those iBooks

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