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The 2011-2012 NHL Season Thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Surely, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Yeah, it's still the middle of August, but we're getting close enough to the start of the pre-season that I figured our conversations would be more relevant to the upcoming season than to the past season.

    Continued from here.

    Congratulations again to the Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins.:):rolleyes::p

    I'm really looking forward to this season. My Leafs made some really good moves since last season ended, and I expect the Leafs to make the playoffs this year. Last season I hoped that they would.....this season I actually expect it.

    I think that Ron Wilson will be on a short leash.....if the team doesn't get off to a respectable start, I think Burke will finally have to fire his ass. I'm sure cuestakid will be happy if that were to happen.:p

    I really hope that Tim Connolly is the center we've been looking for to work with Kessel. If they can develop some chemistry, I think Kessel will score 50+.

    Our defence looks very impressive with the additions of Franson and Liles, and with Matt Lashoff's music playing in the dressing room.....look out!

    The key to our success is James Reimer. Optimus Reim needs to continue to play as well as he did last season. The entire team played with more confidence when he was in nets.

    I find it really interesting that the Leafs roster is almost all Canadian and American. As of today, there's only four non-North Americans on the roster- 2 forwards, 1 defence, 1 goalie. I guess Burke's team is coming together......

    Today, the Research, Development and Orientation Camp begins in Toronto. The point is to test out some possible rules changes to see how they would look. I really hope that they finally go for no-touch icing.....I think it's such an unnecessarily dangerous play when two players are skating hard to the corner to touch the puck. Besides that.....maybe they'll get rid of the shootout?;)

    Anyway......here's to an exciting season......go Leafs go! And go Jets!:D
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    I'll chime in about my devils :D

    I've been a devils fan all of my life, and i'll admit it, last season, during the first half of that horrendous season, i stopped watching, couldn't bare to watch them lose so bad. Once they started picking it back up though, i was tuned into every game, and i believed they were making the playoffs, real heart break towards the end of the season when they lost those few crucial games and the run was over... but anyway now to the future

    Pretty much Two Points:
    One: How is DeBoer going to handle the job. He says he is a defensive minded coach, which is classic devils hockey, so i do have high hopes for him, although after last season it's still a strong worry. I'm hoping Lou doesn't have to come down and coach mid-way through the season...

    Two: Parise...and the lineups. Parise is such a vital player to the organization, and this one year deal worries me. If the devils are not looking like a playoff contender team, i have a feeling he is out, and if the devils dont make some noise in the playoffs (at least get to the second round for God's Sake), i think he may want to leave or sign a short-term contract, of course i hope this isnt the case and we ink him long-term.

    Now what i'm waiting to see is the line-ups. Is it going to be Parise and Kovy together? Last season Kovy and Travis started to really connect. I doubt theyre going to throw those three players on the same line, pretty much leaving Elias with the new talent, although the newer guys are very talented. What i think a good 1st and 2nd line would be (for offense of course)..

    Kovy Zajac Palmieri

    Elias Josefson Parise
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    was that painful for ya? :p;) haha


    still hasn't got old. i could get used to this winning thing :D:D

    50+? lets not get ahead of ourselves here ;) he could do 40 though.

    So at least he knows what he's doing. Its about time people around the league realize that most of the Euros just don't cut it. Look no further than the Sedin sisters for proof...

    Meanwhile the Stanley Cup Champs :p;) roster is almost entirely North American. In fact, only Chara (Slovakia), Krejci (Czech), Seidenburg (Germany), Rask (Finland), Kaberle (Czech), Kampfer (USA) and Thomas (USA) aren't Canadian.

    Oh man getting rid of the shootout would be great, but I dont see it happening. I hate the shootout, and not just because the Bruins suck at it (thankfully the playoffs don't have that ****;)). I think they should just do an OT period and then go back to having ties. 10 minutes maybe?

    Not used to the Jets thing yet.. when I hear that I think of those pompous *******s from new york still. No problems with Winnipeg though.. I like that Canada got another team back, and they have a sweet logo.

    continued from previous thread...

    I think its without a doubt at this point that his career is over. I ****ing hate that ****ing bitch Matt cooke, hope he blows out both knees or someone knocks him the **** out worse than he did to savvy. :mad::mad:

    Carcillo's overrated anyways.
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    Sorry surely
    Hockey on the back burner around here right now:p It's baseball season...:D
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    Do they still play baseball? I thought I heard about it recently but wasn't sure they were talking about the same game :)

    First B's homegame on 9/23 against NYI -- I'll be in Korea unfortunately though missing the Islanders is not that big a problem. I'll be going on 9/29 to see OTT. Just over a month -- I'm happy.

    Ference claims he's going to keep the cup in Boston and he'll get it in September. I'll be living downtown by then and will be trolling the streets!!!
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    I'm gonna try to go to one of those preseason games too.. I got $3 tix on stubhub for preseason last year, hoping for less than $20 for one of those two games.

    Home opener is on October 6th (50 DAYS!!) where we raise the banner. Hopefully I can get tickets to that for a reasonable ($200?) price. CAN'T miss that game.
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    i dipped into last year's thread once or twice, but i think i'll try to engage more this year. sports (especially hockey, i find) are much better enjoyed socially.

    i'm pretty excited about this season. mostly because i'm still buzzing from the bruins winning the cup. can't wait to see thomas back on the ice.

    first and foremost i'm a bruins fan, but i will always have a soft spot for the leafs (born in toronto, and now live nearby). was a brief stars fan in the late 90s while growing up in texas. so i guess i've been lucky enough to see "my fav team" win the cup twice already in my 20 years of life (stars '99, bruins '11).

    the jets should be interesting. i have no idea what their roster is like or really what to expect at all. that said, it's great to see winnipeg get their team back especially since they went with the original name. best of luck to them.


    **** the shootout, honestly. i like your idea of an OT period and having ties again.

    although, a 10 minute OT after 3 scoreless periods in a regular season game could be deathly boring. :)
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    I didn't see any preseason games last year so not sure, sounds cheap! I can tell you that I am NOT missing the home opener on 10/6. I will be pretty close to where they hoist the banner. I did see the home opener last year and it was excellent -- Steven Tyler sang an interesting rendition of the Anthem..
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    god he is horrendous. if Rene doesn't sing the anthem on banner night there might be a vancouver-style riot in Boston. Rene IS Bruins hockey.


    gotta have the fist pump
  10. MooneyFlyer, Aug 17, 2011
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    Someday I'll post it here -- but I have a picture of me, my wife, and Rene from Dec 2010 all doing the fist pump. He's a nice guy...

    EDIT-- Luongo regrets his comments about Thomas last year. Ya think :D
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    you will thank me later....

    has anyone seen THN's rankings and predictions? They say Caps win cup over Hawks-

    here are screen caps from the yearbook

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    Don't ya think it's a little early for this *********:rolleyes: I know were all fans here but c'mon guys...;):D

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    According to Aceticket -- $49 is the min for the pre-season games (**** seats) and $290 is the min for opening night. Worse seats than mine are going for $490!!! Oddly Saturday 10/8 is a min of $99 against Tampa Bay...

    Let me see if I end up going to Japan and maybe I'll cut you a deal on some real tickets. Though if people are going to pay these prices I might sell them to Ace to start paying off my 2012 nut. (similar seats to mine are going for $125+).

    Admittedly there are not a lot of tickets so prices could be a bit skewed.
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    Single game tickets haven't been released to the public yet. So right now it is only season ticket holders on those brokers trying to sell their seats. When the single game seats get released, the prices are going to drop a lot because the supply will go way up.
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    Congrats to Tim Thomas and the B's!

    It's a new season now and I'm looking forward to my team, the Kings, making some noise out of the West with the addition of Mike Richards and Simon Gagne. Hopefully Dustin Penner picks his game up, not to mention he should have a healthy Kopitar centering.

    On a side note, I just want mention what a shame to have Sidney Crosby still suffering from PCS this close to the start of trainig camp. He was on fire last season before he got hurt. Hope gets better in time for camp.
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    Make sure you have a fully stocked bar in the locker room for Richards:rolleyes::D
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    F that. I think the Leafs will finish higher than 10th this season.

    It's not too early......but I don't put much faith in it. I'm sure it sell mags.;)

    Looks like Avery is off the hook for that incident in the Hollywood Hills last week. I had a feeling there was a bit more to the story than what was reported.

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    Then he's doing his job well.

    However, I did hear that before he became a Ranger the second time around, the players told Sather that they did not want him on their team. He signed him anyway. He's been pretty effective for them....in between the ridiculousness.

    lol....looking at his stats on Yahoo! Sports........here's his stylish photo:


    So it looks like there might/will be a couple of minor changes based on the finding of the research and development camp that went on in Toronto the last couple of days.

    • A curved piece of spring-loaded glass (designed by Apple?;):p) will be installed between the benches to help prevent another "accident" like the one between Chara and Pacioretty last season (let's not open that can of worms again).
    • A newly designed goal net that is 4 inches thinner to allow for more room behind the net. It will also feature thinner mesh and a clear plastic strip on top for a better view of the puck, as well as built in HD cameras. They are also thinking about another line (a "verification line") behind the red line that will be used to confirm that the puck has fully crossed the red line if there is a dispute and it needs to be reviewed.

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    i saw them talking about the green line on the telly in the pub but forgot to find out what it was when i got in.

    these two changes sound alright to me. the verification sounds a little excessive, maybe. it's kind of fun to have goals be disallowed when they were actually legit; keeps it a little more human. just saying! :)
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    i dont think you would be saying that if your team had a goal called incorrect in overtime of a game 7.
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    Had a feeling it was just me! :)

    You're right though. I think the new line will do more good than bad.
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    I expected the Leafs to make the playoffs last year. This year, I expect them to be 10th, possibly 9th. The Leafs got better, but so have many other teams in the East that either just made the playoffs, or were just short.
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    I agree. I don't think this is bad. They are trying to find ways to make sure the right call is made.
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    It definitely can't hurt anything, except maybe Luongo's ego. ;)

    Just wondering if anyone knows what time it is in vancouver right now?

    Oh I remember, its 22 past luongo. :D:D:D

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