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The $99 iphone as an inexpensive tracking device

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 19, 2009.

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    Mr Skills

    The article says that Find My iPhone only works using cell towers, and not the gps. Is this true?
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    yea 99 is inexpensive

    over 2k over 2 years is not...
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    thats what youd pay for a lot of smartphones and data plans so whatever.
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    No. There was an article recently about using Find My iPhone to track the guy carrying it as he walked from place to place (not in animated realtime, IIRC, but by refreshing the view).

    When GPS is unavailable, such as indoors, the iPhone can fall back on Skyhook (map of WiFi signals). When even THAT is not available (or if WiFi is off) then it will fall back on cell towers.

    However, some users have experienced serious GPS failure with the 3.0 OS. (I'm among them!) It may be that the author is in the same boat as me--in which case, most of the time, cell triangulation is all you'll get in ANY location-aware app. A software fix is needed. Fingers crossed for 3.1.

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