The Atheist Thread

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by rice_web, Jun 4, 2003.

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    The Christian thread, the Jewish thread....

    Now for the real religion!

    The atheist thread!

    Actually, I'd like this thread to finally throw away some misconceptions on what an atheist is, and perhaps MacRumors is home to ample atheists to improve atheism's image.

    Also, I'm curious to see how many atheists we have on this site. Maybe 10%? A little less? I'm guessing it's rather high compared to the national average.
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    Isn't it just simple belief that there is no higher power? That God etc. doesn't exist? Everything happens on it's own?
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    I'm not an Atheist.:)

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    How about an Agnostic thread? Huh? You all just going to abuse us, leave us out? Well, I won't freaking stand for it!

    Once I was an atheist. Then I took a good long look at myself and said "Self, you're looking good today. However, you are not an atheist. While you don't believe in God, you do believe in a higher order that once existed. However, this higher form could have been animal, mineral, or vegetable."

    And now I believe that there was a higher order, but it does not have a major bearing on what happens today. That's how I justify all the corruption in the world. Call me insecure, but I don't feel that an all-powerful creator that has offspring who loves everyone would allow people to suffer the way that they do, regardless of what they do to piss said creator off.
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    Re: The Atheist Thread

    i like that you say it's a religion. it is, in a sense. a lot of people don't admit that, and claim it as a reason that atheism is in some way superior to "religions." that bothers me.

    anyways, sorry, i'm not one either.
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    Well, I wouldn't mind if there's a God or anything, but I do some things that may be considered "Sinful" such as swear (I think that's a sin) and I have an interest in girls.

    So I'm agnostic.

    (This thread could be considered spamming)
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    I think that investigating different religions at a young age is healthy. It's good to know what others believe. So it's good to share different thoughts with others!
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    i don't think agnosticism is the only belief system/religion that allows you to have interest in women. a religion that proscribes such would soon find itself without progeny to propagate itself. lol :p
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    Well, I have one friend who is pre-emptively (Thanks US government) against any beliefs.

    I have another friend (Jewish, only, the least amount Jewish you can think of) who has nothing against only Buddism.

    I s'pose I don't really like being governed by a 3rd part ET body (sounds weird but makes sense) and I tried reading the Bible once and didn't really absorb anything.

    In terms of girls, I dunno, but isn't there something against lust or something?

    I have a mixture of Chinese and European (Mainly Scot/Brit) descent so there is a mixture of religeons (spelling).
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    in the last census i was in (UK) i ticked the "religion - not obligatoy but if you answer, tick only one box" - part 3 things: catholic, buddhist and atheist. :D

    that was just me - my housemates were greek orthodox and lutheran. :rolleyes:
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    I'm an Atheist. I think we are here by accident. An accident that made us the most intelligent animals on the planet. But when I say intelligent I dont mean we are sensible. Our planet is dying and we are taking the other animals with us. We are here apparently made by a "higher" power who ever that maybe. I mean we here like all the other "natural" stuff that surrounds us. I mean we are lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it, for being intelligent. The way I see it we are the same as other animals. Why should we feel different and think we are particularly special? Does my pet dog think I created him? when he was "naturally" born by his biological mother. I guess we are all like little gold fishes in a huge tank. Not knowing whats beyond the 4 glasses?

    But hey we have ilife. I look at my iPod I say "WOW" Apple engineers... You're amazing!!! :rolleyes:
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    i'm not quite atheist (more daoist perhaps) but i find that atheists are the only people i can have a religious discussion with-- without trying to strangle them midway through.

    it takes someone not associated with any religion or church to sit back and see the fact that any organized religion at all is inherently corrupt at best and deliberatly manipulative/destructive at worst...

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    I'm agnostic.

    I believe there COULD be a higher power, and if there WAS a higher power, there is a CHANCE it could be the God of the christian religion (but then again, is the god of Catholics the same god of Babtists, of Episcopalians, etc?).
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    I was wondering does all the other animals think that there is a higher entity doing this? Just curious. One day the human race will be wiped out the pigeons would have evolved to the next intelligent spices and said that their god was human and use too feed them at Trafalgar sq (London- pigeon city)...:D
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    that's an..... interesting theory. [​IMG] But I prefer to think dolphins or something iwill be the next intelligent race. Satan = sea world, divine being = the little mermaid or something.

    On a more serious note, animals aren't capable of free thought like that. If they were, this world would be a lil' more interesting.

    - scem0 [​IMG]
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    I come from a very multi-denominational house. My father is Jewish, my mother raised Catholic. My mother converted while she was married to my father, but kind of gave up on religion after their divorce. I was raised Jewish but never Bat Mitzvahed. I was told it wasn't important fot females. That's probably when I first started questioning the idea of religion.

    I'm pretty much an aetheist now. I believe that our 'spirits' are just a complex chemical mixture that makes us individuals. When we die, and those proteins and chemicals breakdown, we are gone. I also believe in taking responsibility for one's own moral code and one's own direction in life. I think it's good to be reliant on yourself for happiness and to know that it is your actions that have brought you prosperity in your life. We make our own world.

    Who said aetheists don't have a positive outlook, eh?

    Anyway, my boyfriend's also an aetheist, so that works out well for us.


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    Down with organized religion!

    While I believe in some sort of higher power or god, I do not believe in the concept of organized religion. (not that i don't believe it exists, rather i don't agree with it's priciples.) Packing yourself into a building once a week, and adheering to a strick guideline of rules is not my idea of what is planed for us. Instead I agree with believing in the power that made all of this, and doing your own thing to appreciate it. I highly doubt that a 6th or 7th dimensional being that made all of this really cares if we swear or steal a bike. Consider yourself to be more part of something like an antfarm. If you had an antfarm would you really care what the ants did to one and other? Not likely. Would you expect them to cram into a building once a week to "worship" you? That would seem silly. So why isn't it silly when we do it to such a supreme more complicated being? The answer is, it is.
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    Didn't you ever piss off your parents, yet, they loved you and vice-versa?

    I'm a believer of Christ and I'll be the first to point out hypocrisy with ANY church and that there are problems with organized religion, but I would think that 'any religion at all is inherently corrupt' is a bit overstatement.
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    Where did those chemical mixtures come from. They couldnt have just appeared.

    That right there proves the existance of something else, something that started mankind. But something had to create that something. Etc, etc, etc.[​IMG]

    Creation can never be fully explained.

    - scem0 [​IMG]
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    Strangely enough, there've been statistical studies that have shown that people who go to church regularly actually tend to live noticeably longer than people who don't. Wierd stuff.
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    The lack of an explanation doesn't proove God's existance... none of us were there when the moment (mutation) of creation occurred, and neither were the scribes who wrote the bible. I personally believe that evolution was the reason we are here today. We should just agree to disagree. I very much doubt that this thread was started to "prove" to atheists that their beliefs are flawed.

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    I was catholic, but you can say my church leans more towards baptist than anything else. I would go out on a limb and say that, yes, we share the same God...Some of those aforementioned religions just DO things differently, i.e., praising, doctrines....
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    yes thats right creation can not be fully expalined but we dont need to "invent" some ET that is not accessible, to blame why we are here. From my point of view we are here because we are part of the food chain and a very elaborate one at that.

    Hey Scem0 those little animate thingys you got going are pretty cool!!
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    You know what Paul? What you say about organized religion is actually quite representative of human organizations in general. So you need to look at the underlying beliefs and not the organization. This has quite a few implications for belief systems and organization/dissemination/coordination of ideas in general. I'd like to discuss this more, but I have to create a presentation I'm giving this morning and finish several programs. Maybe this thread will have taken a more enlightening turn by the time I'm back (instead of simply "who's a jew/christian/atheist). I really want to discuss this more.
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    Gotta love daoism! Keep with the flow, if it was meant to be channged, it would have changed itself.

    I'm jewish, but to me any religion that you have faith in is the 'true' religion of god.

    If you think god's name is Allah, or Adonai or that god is really 3 seperate but rather all of the same being (man that is REALLY confusing, please correct me if I am wrong christians)

    If I were to believe that spiritually I need to meditate to become closer to god then maybe I should be a buddhist, I'm totally screwed when I leave my parents house basically.

    We lit the menorah (several spellings) and in ONE room away I have a Christmas Tree for my dad's Lutheran side, wooo!

    You have 'O Singing a german Chrismas song...
    And in the other we light the menorah, woo.

    It is hightly improbably that a an all powerful being created us all, more likely a superior being, but probably not a 'god' as conventional thinkers would want us to think.

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