The best, most fitting UK number plate I've ever seen...

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by edesignuk, Oct 16, 2004.

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    Look what I spotted in a car park I was in last night! This made my day :D

  2. Wes
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    Very nice and true!

    The best I've ever seen was in central London. There was a mint Aston Martin DB5 with just 'V8' as the numberplate.
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    hehehe, sorry but thats better than the V8 one. more! i'll be keeping my eyes peeled!
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    Yeah, piles better that V8 I'm afraid Wes (though JUST V8 is very cool to, ESPECIALLY on an Aston) :p I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw it, so glad I had my camera with me! :D
  5. Wes
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    Was this that camera you bought especially for these occasions?
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    Exactly. and it'd beginning to pay off ;) :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    That is quite good :D

    I've seen some winners here in the states - and some losers. Although, until this, I don't think I'd ever seen a personalized plate outside of the US.

    Can you get them in other European countries as well?

    And what's on the mini? :p

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    a very typical way in Germany (Maybe other countries as well) is the name and last name initials followed by the birthday ... :rolleyes: the easiest way to remind people to buy a gift.
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    WAS HIS on a Beemer wins.

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    !what! yup you can get personalised number plates in other countries, why wouldn't you be able to? i don't know if they are really popular in the states but in the UK you don't see them every day. When you do see them they're usually on cars owned by yuppies! all they do is draw attention to yourself and your car, celebrities don't tend to have them on their cars because it draws too much attention to themselves.

    One of the best ones i've heard of is "FANG5" or fangs on a Dodge Viper, the plate went for £70,000 or something in a DVLA auction. That was a few years back though.
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    Mr. Anderson

    They're very common in the wife even has one. Its just that I've never seen them anywhere outside the US and was curious.

    You answered my question, though.

    And here its not just personalized, but most states have plates for just about anything, from major universities to pet friendly to NRA :D

    Virginia alone has over 180 different plates styles...

    some interesting ones....

    even for Neeirds..
    (and that's a graph graphic?!?!?! where's Dr. Q!)

    I've never seen one of these and have to wonder how many they've made...

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    your plates are alot fancier than ours! even the customised plates in the UK are only the bog standard plates with different characters. You can't get different plate designs like in those links. Anything but the standard ones are illegal here, you can't have different fonts. They have to be the same as the normal ones, you could get pulled over and fined etc. Different huh?
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    Yes! there is a winner!
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    I use to live near where Paul Daniels lived, I use to see him driving about in his Roller with MAG 1C & his wife had a MR2 with DEB 1E.
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    Mr. Anderson

    The scary thing is in the US, every state has a different license plate and most now have custom we're talking 1000s of different styles.

    Makes it a bit interesting on the interstates :D

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    I saw a really nice Benz with "ENVYUS" on it.
    Also, a Prius with "WAKE UP" and a huge key scratch across the side.
    Also, a big van with "DEADCAT".

    There was a story in the newspaper recently about a younger guy that had "GOTMILF".. it got complaints from a few moms, and he got it revoked.

    Lee Tom
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    California has regular plates, 9/11 memorial plates, Arts Council plates, Coastal Commission plates, UCLA plates, Lake Tahoe Conservancy plates, Yosemite plates, Firefighter plates, Child Safety plates, Olympic plates, Veteran plates, and from 1998 thru 2000 we had Sesquicentennial plates. Each can be regular or personalized. There are also commercial vehicle plates, official vehicle plates, motorcycle plates, etc. And, to top it off, California allows very old plates to be retained, so you see cars with the current blue on white, or the older yellow on blue, or the still older yellow on black, or the even still older black on yellow. If you see two cars with the same type of plate on a given day, count yourself lucky!
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    We have over 40 custom plates just in Floriduh. Part of the cost goes to help fund the organisation which is shown on each.

    I think the only one I've seen that looks the same from state to state is the Police Athletic League.
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    its crazy!! 40 plates in one state!!!
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    I know it's not hard to get good plates in the US, but it the UK it's a different story, which is what made this so good!
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    You're right, of course. There must be a whole trade in number plates in the UK, as I've seen several advertisements in Car and Top Gear. However, the plates always have to start with a letter, don't they?
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    Mr. Anderson

    Like I said above, Virginia has 180 plates!

    That's probably one of the higher ranges though. Anyone know of any other states that might have more?

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    Those are cheap, here in MA its about $50 for a plate not $10.
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    I feel left out, we only have 11 styles besides the standard (which I dislike). New ones are being proposed, but we have a long way to go to get to 180.

    You can check out the plate styles if you like.

    My girl and I have the MAC plate, which is the newest one. :p

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