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The Best Way for Apple to Go:

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by MacManiac1224, Dec 5, 2001.

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    I have a few ideas of what is going down at MWSF. These ideas seem the most logical for Apple to do:
    I think if new iMacs come out, they will come with G3's on the low end, and a G4 on the high end. My theory is this: Why would Apple take G4 to or near it's limits if it's ultimate goals is to put the G4 in a desktop model? They have to leave room for the G4 to scale in Megahertz. If this occurs, hopefully the G5 will debut in the Pro models. This would be logical. I think if Apple releases the new iMac, they have to do better then just a new enclosure and new hard drive space. They should put a G4 in it to put the icing on the cake. This leaves room for the G5.
    Sum up:
    New iMac's with G4 in high end
    New Power Mac's with G5's

    *Not sure about speeds on any processors.
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    G4s in iMac = Doubtful...

    G4s are more expensive processors than G3s. G3s are in fact, quite cheap, which makes them ideal for placement in low-end machines.

    If it's true that Apple is going to release an LCD iMac in January (I still have my doubts), then they are going to need to work hard to keep the price down with that fancy & expensive LCD panel in there.

    Apple can't afford to make the iMac more expensive. In fact, I think it ought to be a couple hundred dollars less than it is now.

    Look for 700MHz - 1GHz G3s in January's iMac models.
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    I agree with OldMac: G3's will probably still be in the iMac, but they will be at much faster speeds. While lcd's are cheaper, they still cost more than CRT's, and if Apple intends to have a low-end iMac at $999 (which is a magic number for some reason), they'll need to compromise in other areas.
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    $999 the magical number

    $999 is a magic number because it's "under" $1000...
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    I read something on the Register about how $999 computers outsell $799 computers. Users will pay for the extras, but over $1000 is too much.
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    Re: G4s in iMac = Doubtful...

    Wait a minute! Once the G5 is out the G4 should drop in price??
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    MWSF Announcements

    Speed-bumps for existing Quicksilver G4's to 1.4Ghz single processor, 1Ghz dual processor and 867Mhz Single Processor. All machine come with Superdrive.

    Entry level iMac has same form factor as current iMacs, indigo color, 600Mhz G3, retailing at $799
    Mid range iMac with new LCD based all-in-one metal and white plastic enclosure 800Mhz G3 $999
    Top range iMac, same enclosure as mid range, 1Ghz G3, Optional Superdrive & hardware MPEG compression for iDVD
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    superdrive in imac

    now that is what i really want and i bet that would really sell, even if it was 1600 bucks or more

    i hope the entry level imac stays below 800
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    Cute list...

    I agree with Foocha. That'll be Apple's new machines on MWSF without doubt.
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    Re: MWSF Announcements

    IF Apple can, they will take the whole PowerMac range over the Ghz Barrier!
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    I'm with you Jef about the sub-$800 iMac. If they put out LCd iMacs, they should offer the older style on the very low-end, especially for schools. And a $1600 iMac with Superdrive? I have my doubts, but that would definitely sell a lot of computers!
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    good list... think its what most of us have been expecting since the whole no g5 thing, but i am wondering one lil thing. the g4s will see a speed bump up to about 1.4 ghz right? with lower end g4s at 1ghz or just below. g3s will scale up to 1ghz. seems like the g3 is beginning to crowd the g4 in mhz. o sure we all know mhz doesnt mean a thing, but if the g4s are barely creeping past the 1ghz barrior and the g3s seem to be charging right past it, what does this mean for the future of the g3s and g4s?

    maybe motorola will ask the ibm r&d department to take a few months off. i think this is just more evidence that motorola is seriously hurting apple. either apple needs to buy up motorola's semiconductor department and have ibm buy the g4 patents or apple needs to ditch the g4 all together and just ask ibm to create a next generation chip to be called a g5 or g6.
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    AIM alliance

    The rumors we're seeing seem to indicate that Apple is getting more involved in designing the chips (if MOSR is still credible!!)

    Chip design is a nice area for Apple to be in, chip manufacturing is not. If Apple go their own way in designing the chip, they need a good partner to do the production.

    Who could be better than IBM as a production partner, if only they could get IBM to buy into that whole AltiVec thing.
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    hey foocha, do you remember reading a rumor a couple weeks back about the apple-motorola dispute that suggested that amd had been courting apple? i dont think there is anything to such a rumor but i found it pretty interesting that people fabricating these rumors are thining potencial partners in future chip designs.

    whenever i build a mac or upgrade a mac i try to incorporate as many ibm components as i can. i never buy a mac anymore unless its got an ibm hard drive. ibm, like apple makes top quality stuff. i think ibm would be apple's best bet (and most likely) but its neat to think about some other less likely partners.
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    $999 is a magic number, but they are going to have to do much more than a 500MHz iMac with 64MB RAM and 20GB Hard Drive.

    Compaq has a machine out for $999 with a p4 1.5 with 256MB RAM and a 40GB HD with CDRW and DVD drives. Now i know that it doesn't come with a monitor but you can package that with a monitor that ends up being $90 after rebates. Their $749 model also has 256MB RAM.

    In short, Apple needs to do more for $999. If they just upped the RAM it'd be nice being that 64MB is NOTHING.
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    Well im glad someone noticed what i have been saying for the past 2 months.

    Ofcourse moto is being pushed by IBM. IBM put more money into it than moto.

    Moto's designs have been a bit flawed, the 7400 was flawed in design. And recent chips have been ok but havent taken the G4 much further in either speed or clock speed.
    However motos G5 looks good, and although they have made mistakes they have produced some good chip designs.

    At the end of the day its about what goves apple the best future. Which is why personally i would go IBM.

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    re: ibm


    isn't funny how many of us mac users first saw ibm as the enemy, then microsoft, and now wintel?

    gee, who will our next competitor be?
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    Our next arch rival!

    Dean Kamen and his amazing Ginger!
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    Sparkely-no kidding. The first iMacs sold well because they were cheap and relatively powerful for the time. This is no longer the case now. If Apple can't make an LCD iMac with AT LEAST 128 mb ram and 3 gig hd for $999, then they shouldn't take out CRT iMacs at the low end... I know this is probably not what will happen, but Apple needs to have a low-priced consumer targeted computer all the time.
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    MOSR was at one time credible? :)
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    Ensign Paris

    LCD Prices

    What will happen if the LCD prices rise while the new iMac is selling? Will it revert to CRT?

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    Re: Re: G4s in iMac = Doubtful...

    just because something new comes out, doesn't mean that an earlier product will drop in price. it all depends on supply and demand and production costs. if apple were to create mass quantities of the G4 and they actually would sell, then they would drop in price, but they are very expensive to make yet.
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    Re: Our next arch rival!

    DOUBT IT!!!!!!!
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    Re: LCD Prices

    it's very doubtful that LCD prices will rise-if you were to look at the price points per certain amount of screen material, you will notice that they have been steadily dropping in price, and nearing the price of crt montiors of the same sizes, just not apple's lcd screens are making the price cuts as often.
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    Originally posted by Ensign Paris
    What will happen if the LCD prices rise while the new iMac is selling? Will it revert to CRT?


    "it's very doubtful that LCD prices will rise-if you were to look at the price points per certain amount of screen material, you will notice that they have been steadily dropping in price, and
    nearing the price of crt montiors of the same sizes, just not apple's lcd screens are making the price cuts as often."

    also hopefully these new lcdimacs will sell well which would mean increased demand for the 15"lcds inside inside of them and hopefully mean the prices will continue to drop.

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