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the C.R.I.B.B blog

Discussion in 'Community' started by Orangelego, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Hey Guys could you tell me whats you think of my website i just started,, its my first type of blog website.. it would be greatly appreciated! :eek:
    the C.R.I.B.B blog

    -Paul (lego)
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    Right, threads like these are more opt in this section, not the Community area.

    About your site...a whole section on the left of your page extends farther out to the left of my browser window, so I can't read what's on your site. This is what it looks like:


    I know I have themes applied to OS X and Mozilla, but they have zero effect on the "leftness" of the browser content.
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    new to fourm i didn't know. i will look into whats wrong.
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    I remember seeing this on the spymac forums. Did you post it there too?
    On your blog, what did you use to make it. It looks pretty decent and I enjoyed your link to the "The Shotgun Guide"
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    Yes i posted it also on spymac earlier just for some feedback .. thxs for the complement... its called typepad.. The shotgun guide rules ! :D
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    You spelled crib wrong...(but this is coming from someone whos location is 'in da hood' :D )

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