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The case of the cracking MacBooks

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 2, 2007.

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    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: The case of the cracking MacBooks
    Description:: There are numerous reports popping up on threads across the Apple support forums (see 1, 2) and Mac Forums in general ( see 1, 2 ) detailing what appears to be a potential flaw in the latest MacBook’s design. Posts dating as far back as August of 2006 have grown into lengthy threads consisting of folks whose MacBook cases have begun to mysteriously crack in the exact same spot.

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    I have to say this makes be think twice about buying one now. With all the problems the iBook gave me, the battery and cracking issues worry me.
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    It would be nice if someone would start collecting build date codes for these Macbooks....
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    My brother has the exact same problem on his macbook.

    I had the same problem on mine, too. Apple fixed it after a while of bitching.
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    wow this just happed to my macbook a week ago. Rev A May 06 I still have 2 weeks left on my warranty. I hope to get a multitude of problem fixed before then.

    This crack, faulty hard drive that causes spinning wheel, screen brightness flickering
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    The more I see about the Mac Book, the more I'm glad I got myself a last-generation 12" iBook G4. Sure, it's not as fast, but it hasn't given me a single problem in the year or so I've owned it.

    I'm sure Apple will fix these problems in time, but for now, I feel sorry for those customers who are suffering from 1.0-itis (even though the Mac Book is on it's second model...)
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    It really is more like 1.1. All they did was drop a new CPU into the existing package.
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    sorry boys and girls but i got my MB in dec, i treat it good, it treats me good. come on it's made out of plastic, it's not indestructible. besides if u have applecare don't they just replace it for u?
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    I see your point, but ... there seems to be at least some evidence that the cracks are due to bad process engineering on the molding processes used to make the cases and/or the raw materials used. If this were just an "it's not indestructible" issue, they shouldn't all be breaking in the same place -- there should at least be a few places where they break.

    Plus, if you look at the pictures, this isn't the sort of damage you really do accidentally to your notebook because you're not nice to it.
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    ah good point! i wonder if apple is going to do anything do do anything about it? recall? it can't be that big of a problem, could it?
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    These problems that are sprouting up since the MacBook's inception really make me wonder who they hired/utilized to do their engineering on these things. I mean... wow it's like it's one problem after another. I really hope these issues aren't part of the "hurry, let's get Intel Macintoshes out as soon as possible just so we can show how agile we are!" mentality that seemed to sweep Cupertino.

    Fortunately for me I've not had any of the problems that the original MacBooks have had over the lifetime of the machine. But that doesn't stop me from being worried about its future durability. I'm still inclined to believe these are all minority problems, but the amount of issues that are being risen gives so many potential failure vectors for these machines.

    I think it'd be nice if Apple followed your suggestion in another thread and began opening up the numbers of how prevalent these problems are. Even though it's par for the course, the company's silence doesn't always induce the utmost confidence. I'd really prefer transparency in this regard over Steve Jobs' new-found fascination with open letters regarding policy.

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