The closest you'll ever get to Mac OS X on windows!

Discussion in 'Community' started by grabberslasher, Jan 25, 2004.

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    Apple's Rhapsody YellowBox software on windows with a few extras.

    Read the text in the picture for more information. This took the whole of yesterday afternoon for me to set up, find programs, find a theme, etc.

    If you want me to upload more screenshots just ask me (and no, these aren't photoshopped)

    Cool pic, eh?

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    And here's a pic of Terminal (well actually it is called Shell in YellowBox but I changed that)

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    And the start menu and a few other apps open. Sorry about the crap quality of the pictures, they're too big to fit up at full quality. (I know it makes them look fake) Anyone here who has used YellowBox can back me up in that they're authentic.

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    I don't understand what this is?

    Is it windows on a mac or mac on windows or linux runnung windows looking like a mac???

    Where can this be downloaded?
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    That is cool!

    I like the screenshots, grabberslasher. They remind me of when I still had a Mac and was using Panther. Too bad I don't have one right now, but that will change very soon...
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    This is just Windows XP with a new theme, plus the old the windows port of the old Apple developer tools for Rhapsody (which became Mac OS X).

    It's rather cool and makes me feel better when using the PC now after using my powerbook.
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    Anyone know where I can

    get a hold of that Yellow Box software? It's just OpenStep for Windows, but with a more "apple" theme, no?
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    No warez allowed here - search on google if you must.

    I have it on the original developer cd and was surprised yesterday that it still installs and runs on windows xp.
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    I thought this was something legit.
    Oh well, I guess I will just have to buy a mac if I want to get an MacOSX look :)
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    Oh, please, "warez?". It's not like I'm looking for a free copy of Halo so I don't need to buy it, rather I'm looking for a copy of a piece of freely (as in beer) distributed beta software that is no longer sold or manufactured by anyone.
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    Actually, it and all of the Openstep line is owned by apple and is considered warez if downloaded. As far as I know anyway...

    Anyway, PM is there for a reason.
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    there is a whole website on how to get your pc to look like a mac... i think... but to get into anything, you have to be registered :(

    (they are down right now though...)
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    Very intresting...

    Even the preferences they have down, nice touch.

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