the CUBE is back!

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by groov', Sep 25, 2002.

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    Not only are they pc's, but they are very ugly.
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    They are indeed PC's, ugly as hell, but kinda cool, for a PC that is! :mad:

    If I compare this ugly thing with my Cube sitting on my desk, the choice is easily made.

    If you do need a PC, for work, gaming or whatever, they are worth considering, especially because they are supposed to be very silent, for a PC!
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's just not right....ugly too!

    It lacks all the elegance the Cube had, ugh!

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    I've never heard the words "PC" and "cool" in the same sentance on these forums before.
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    since i am a pc techie, i have to have at least one pc for my business and when i replace my old, old pc laptop, i can see getting a unit like this

    it is cool for a pc but the real cube by apple is way better in so many ways:p
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    The one thing they did get right was the front ports... I wonder if Apple will ever get it together and give us at least one front firewire and usb port.
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    Re: the CUBE is back!


    Cool? This thing makes an IBM PS/2 look cute.
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    Smart and useful....Yes!....Apple give us front ports or if they are to remain hidden then shift them to the side towards the very front.....just not all the way in the back or underneath!
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    Re: Re: the CUBE is back!

    P-U is right - why is it that PC companies all try to immitate apple's design. They need to give it up. They've tried and all fail. Just as that new Gateway in one computer trying to be a imac will fail.
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    they sell those as barebone systems @ Frys Electronics here in the SF Bay Area
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    Guys... this is hardly a copy of the cube! The only similarity is its shape; everything else about it is just a small PC. Is the CD drive slot-load? Is it on the top? Is there a vent on top? Is the computer raised up off the ground? No, no, no and no. To me, those are the distinguishing features of the cube.
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    UGgGG, but what about the 533 MHz bus? Why can I no have that too!?
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    one of my fraternity brothers has one. no where near as cool as an apple cube. i showed him the apple cube and he said he wanted one. too bad he is not in the market for a new computer.

    one neat thing about it- it is water cooled with a radiator, i bet it is quieter than a fan.... although our cube needed no fan or radaitor.

    one the bright side, i have convinced one of my brothers to get a mac and he is in the midst of pricing them out now. :D :D :D
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    Re: the CUBE is back!

    Like every other atempt to rip Apple's design, this one also fails miserably. Yes, it's small, and yes, it has much tech goodies crammed into a small space. But the «designers» of this thing has totally missed the point. The Apple Cube was about breaking new ground, and do so in a graceful and elegant way. The Apple Cube made people drool. When they first saw the machine people had two things in their head: «Damn, I want one!» and «Why on earth haven't anybody thought of this before?». This thing makes me think: «OK, you made a tiny computer, and..... ?»

    2¢ added
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    These have been around for a while. I don't quite understand how it's a rip of the G4 Cube, other than in it's shape, and last I checked, a cube was a basic geometrical shape owned by no one. Computers get smaller and smaller, and as far as i'm concerned, this is just a product that is designed to be small. Yes, it could be better well designed to look nicer, but i still don't see how a small PC is invading Apple's turf, especially since the G4 cube isn't sold anymore. I'm quite happy with my Dual Ghz Quicksilver at work, and will be even more happy when I get my 17" iMac for Christmas, but let the PC users build what they want. If they want a small form factor PC that can double as an entertainment center (which, btw, is one of the large uses for this), then by all means, let them have it.
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    Actually, those are made by Shuttle They're pretty well-designed little boxes, especially since they're from the PC side.
    They started with a PIII version with 1PCI slot and moved up to a PIV version with 1 PCI & 1 AGP. They're going to release an Athlon one with an Nforce chipset before the year is over.
    I might get one of the PIV versions in a couple weeks.:)
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    hopefully you can see the pic now
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    that's cool

    >one neat thing about it- it is water cooled with a radiator, i bet it is quieter than a fan.... although our cube needed no fan or radaitor.

    I mentioned this when there was the speculative g4's (w/new air vents) arrived on the scene (7 lb heat sink?)...I always thought a water cooled one would be kinda neat!
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    damn pc companies rippin off apple, first the profile 4 now this...
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    Actually there is a radiator, but with no water. I does need a fan, but the way it's designed is kinda interesting;


    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    First of all, it's nothing like the cube, except for size. It's got a PCI slot, a couple of 3.5 inch drive bays and one 5.25 inch drive bay. It also needs a fan.
    Does the cube have any of that?
    Someone earlier said that the cube is a generic design not owned by Apple or anyone.
    This thing makes a great little HTPC, and unlike the Profile4, this is acually well-designed. I prefer Mac to any other computing platform, but I hate it when somebody judges something like this just by it's looks.:rolleyes: What's so bad about making a small computer anywayz?
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    Ugly box... nice to have ports on the front though. No real threat to the cube legacy.

    Now that we can have two optical drives maybe Apple can add front ports to the powermac?
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    Now that you have all seen the beautifully ugly Cube imitation, take a look at the more advanced model, which actually comes with a fan!


    Take that sh** back. 'Cause all that Cube sh** is wacked. :rolleyes:^3

    Damn, my Cube looks pretty f***ing cool compared to that :eek:

    PC supporters have tried time and time again. It's a never ending war. People will continue to mock Apple best products, and we will continue to laugh (or even vomit with real ugly sonbit imitations).
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    I don't get it, since when is a small rectangular PC a Cube ripoff?
    This little Shuttle box is nothing more than that. Name me one other feature besides size that it rips off.

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