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The day of the WHITE iPod has come to an end!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MattyMac, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Its very sad, but seems to be true. Apparantely aluminum is the new white.
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    The end of scratched white has come. Pity though, it was beautiful, but the benefits of metal outweigh the beauty of white...
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    I just thought by calling it iPod classic apple would at least keep the classic color:confused:
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    In fact the only Apple product left "white" is the Macbook. I'm glad the white is going away. I just got the new iMac aluminum and love it. What I do actually like are the accessories like the mighty mouse and power adaptors being in white but the computers and iPods, it's time for a change.
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    I am really sad to see the white gone. Personally, I like it way more then the aluminum. Plus I think its part of what made apple products more appealing to the public. Seems to me that sales started going up when the clean white look came about...
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    Since Apple released the white iPods and Macs, how many companies have followed suit? Now everyone has white consumer electronics (Nintendo, Microsoft - even my HP printer is glossy white). Apple set the glossy white trend, and they're going to be the first company to move away from it.

    Aluminum is the new glossy white.
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    its an interesting shift and makes me wonder whats going to happen to the macbooks.

    and are they going to change up the Pro lines to create a difference between consumer and pro visually.
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    I imagine a teal green macbook in the near future.
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    iPods ok...but funky colors on laptops = ewww!

    I never liked the old ibooks.
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    yeah, I agree. It is sad, I have the iBook and the ipod video 5G. I like the white look, it made apple stand out from the other companies.
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    Same here to both devices, and similarly, I will miss them. But it's just like the old Bondi Blue CRT iMacs: once everyone from mousemat manufacturers to desklamp designers starting using that original Bondi Blue, Apple moved away from it. Brushed Aluminium is obviously now the material of the moment, and white is now passe. Embrace the new! ;)
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    I agree. I didn't say that I would like a green laptop, just that I could imagine one. :eek:
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    agreed...I do love the brushed aluminum!
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    Yep, and after aluminum, they are going to go to hi-density black plastics, and maybe after that back to white.
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    You don't think they'll try beige first?
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    Apple plans to shed the white plastic on the MacBook and replace it with brushed aluminum.

    Prof. :apple:

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