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The Definitive Matrix of Macworld ‘08 Predictions and Rumors

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by isabella8290, Jan 11, 2008.

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    The Definitive Matrix of Macworld ‘08 Predictions and Rumors

    by Aayush Arya
    Jan 10, 2008


    After Chris, I guess it is now my turn to stick out my neck and throw out a list of Macworld ‘08 predictions. Be aware that what you’re now going to read is a carefully researched article which takes into account various statistics from past keynotes and seeks to identify recurring patterns between them so as to accurately predict what lies ahead. It is methodical and scientific, makes no wayward assumptions and is, therefore, citable in all courts of law as proven fact. Warning: Spoilers abound!

    So, without further ado, I present to you my simple 4x4 matrix of what I think lies ahead and the descriptions for each square. You might be reading this and mulling over things for quite a while so it might be a good idea to cancel all appointments scheduled for later today and grab yourself a cup of coffee (or whatever floats your boat, really). Presenting the article that will put an end to all the suspense associated with the Macworld Expo next week (last chance to back out is now):


    Mark my words, you’re going to see these happen.

    New MacBooks
    : It’s a given. Steve Jobs is going to launch completely revamped new MacBooks at this Expo. The current MacBooks stick like sore thumbs in Apple’s line-up, with their scratch and crack prone fiber enclosures and combo drives from the ancient era. The new ones will be clad in anodized aluminum (the same metal that almost all the products in current line-up are made out of) and will have some black highlights. The screen size will remain the same, a SuperDrive will become standard across all models and it will feature a minor bump in some of the hardware components. It will, of course, look absolutely stunning and the starting price will remain the same. Steve Jobs will unveil a new advertisement or two. Read more...

    [Via Apple Matters]

    Very funny article about the predictions for Macworld. A quote: "The only reason the iPod has games is that Fred Anderson inked a deal with Electronic Arts and paid them the money behind Steve Jobs’ back. You now know why the poor guy got involved in all that stocks backdating mess. Suffice it to say that it was no coincidence!" LOL! Must read. :)
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    Not in one hundred years ! :D
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    haha nice try newb:cool:
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    I sure hope this list comes from opposite-land. The things I want most are new MacBook Pros and Displays.
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    I was hoping for an ultra-portable.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the author is wrong. The MacBook Pros are going to see an update IMHO. And I don't know what he is thinking but a new Apple TV is definitely going to be released is a must. :)
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    Not bad but your missing the AppleTV PVR
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    If that was directed at me, I did not miss anything because I did not write that thing. (LOL! That's so huge, I would probably spent half my life trying to write that up.) I just thought that it was a good article. :)

    What is an AppleTV PVR, BTW?
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    The elusive Apple personal video recorder - a digital tuner and HDD that works without your Mac. :)

    I said this in another thread, a matrix like this with pushable buttons you access from your iphone/touch, that had sound effects, would be very cool.
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    wow your wrong about the displays and the MBP's
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    I don't agree with like, alot of this.
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    Yeah I definitely think the MBPs are much more likely to see an update than the Macbooks, that chart seems very wrong to me.
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    If Apple launches new MacBooks, they would almost assuredly launch new MacBook Pros at the same time. I think a new MBP (with new components and possibly also a new form factor?) are likely, followed by MacBooks (also with new components and perhaps also a new form factor) in Spring/Summer and then new iMacs (likely just with component updates) in Summer.

    I think new Apple Cinema Displays are also coming with new connectors (HDMI and DisplayPort) along with LED backlights. And they just might also launch larger 1080p models for the home, as well, ala HP.

    Leopard 10.5.2 and iPhone firmware 1.1.3 are likely givens.

    I remain skeptical on Blu-Ray in the near term, but one never knows. But it will come to the entire Mac line.
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    Good predictions. I think you're pretty much right on the money. :)

    Who, me?

    Big surprise! :p

    It's a chart of predictions, rumors and speculation. What'd you expect! :D

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