The difference between Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows is ho...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 28, 2005.

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    The link doesn't seem to be working for me, but I can assure you, thats not the only difference between Macs and PCs.

    EDIT: Got the link to work. Story doesn't seem terribly insightful but it's not bad either.
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    Hmmmm... The article seems to say that the difference between Mac and Windows is ease of use, simplicity, innovation, style, and how they treat their users.
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    Umm I hate to tell people this but both Apple and MS abuse the crap out of their users. Nothing new here. Apple knows it has a following that would die before they use Windows. So they can get away with it. MS knows they have a pretty good stranglehold on the market. So they can get away with it. Two sides of the same coin.
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    You lost me, get away with what?
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    I wish I was too cool to provide support for my extremely dubious claims.

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    Best article ever to describe difference in vision between Apple and Microsoft.

    Apple pursues that maintenance on a computer should be as easy as possible, here MS hopelessly fails.

    Apple just does deliver, and if the quality keeps as high as it is I have no problem rewarding (paying) them.
  8. 24C
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    Article worked for me, and I don't feel abused for being an Apple user. :confused:
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    I disagree. I've been using Apple products since 1978. I bought one of the very first Mac128's and a lot of Macs since then. Apple has always treated me very well. Microsoft is so-so. Not horrible but not great.

    The real difference is the Mac is built from the ground up to be a unified whole that works together. Apple puts a lot more care and thought into the Mac than Microsoft does into Windows. When using Windows everything feels not quite right and I've been using DOS/Windows since it first came out.
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    If you mean that they both SOMETIMES do things that users don't like--true.

    But there there are definitely meaningful differences between Apple and MS in this regard.
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    The article makes it sound like OS X has less features than Windows because Windows is cluttered and OS X is not. Although it is true that Windows is cluttered it certainly doesn't mean that OS X lacks features. OS X has almost all of Windows features and many many many unique ones of its own but it isn't cluttered because Apple did a nice job making features organized and simple not overwhelming. This doesn't mean that OS X has less features just that they did a nicer job of integrating them in the OS.

    Another thing about the article that bothered me was that it made it sound like Spotlight is Tiger's only major feature.

    Besides this the article was OK but not excellent.
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    Don't you all remember Clippy? It was Apple who made him into an annoying jerk. Microsoft just wants to be friends.



    PS: No I am not writing a stupid letter!
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    Here is the truth. I made these in Photoshop recently.

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