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The disasters of the iPod touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Blackberryroid, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Blackberryroid, Nov 20, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2012

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    I hate fingerprints on my display. Everybody does. I touch it just as normally as everyone would, but later on, I can see my fingerprints in there.

    It's a huge disaster for me. Yes, I know it's glass, and glass gets smudges naturally, but this is Apple. With Apple, anything is possible. And I think they should definitely do some mad scientist research about this issue. I really hate the sight of fingerprints in there, they should reduce it (if they can't completely remove it) to 90%.

    Other than that, the audio is also horrible. I know the speakers are meant for "Casual Listening", but I want more than that. Again, they can do this. I need a louder speaker.

    And the loop? It's the weakest thing ever. That thing is probably taken from some old boxes, added some text that says "Designed by Apple in California". I was using it normally and it was already ruined in 2 days. Did I mention how much a new one costs?

    It costs a freaking For some low-quality loop, they charge for it? How dare they! This is extremely overpriced, do they think their customers are stupid enough not to notice that? This isn't even worth !

    Panorama isn't clear. Try zooming in. It isn't as clear as I thought it would be. What sort of camera did they even put in there?

    EarPods that came with it. How could you not put a remote on them? Where's the remote? It's the 2nd most important thing about headphones and it's missing? Does it really kill them to just put some remote on it?

    And it's thinness. Is it just me or do I feel that the 4th generation is thinner than this?

    And battery life. I'm not complaining about it, but it could certainly use some improvements.

    If it weren't for these complaints, the iPod touch would be the best portable gaming device ever. It has amazing graphics, and I love a lot of things about it.

    What are your thoughts?
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    Fingerprints - clean with a cloth
    Audio - Use external speakers
    Loop - The iPod comes with a loop
    Panorama - Not tested this
    Earpod Remote - Not necessary 99% of the time. Older iPods didn't come with a remote.
    Thinness - It is now the perfect size with a case on.
    Battery Life - Welcome to 2012

    IMO the iPod touch 5G is nigh on perfect. It just needs a jailbreak, 3G and GPS.
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    Fingerprints - Just get a screen protector for like $3

    Speakers - Use headphones or external speakers if you really have to have high quality sound

    Loop - Maybe yours was flawed because I haven't heard of anyone breaking theirs before

    Panorama - The camera is just a few milimeters thick, you can't expect it to be DSLR-quality.

    Remote - I'm a little mad about that too, I'll admit.

    Thinness - It might feel thicker because the edges aren't rounded, but it's a little thinner than the thickest part of the 4th generation

    Battery Life - According to the tech specs, they added a whole hour of video playback life. It's not easy improving battery life without sacrificing thinness and weight.
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    Compared to the 4g, the 5g does reduce it by perhaps 90%. I have yet to wipe my 5g's screen because fingerprints are interfering with the actual display of information.

    Sorry, but laws of physics apply here. A tiny speaker will never sound good. The important thing is how it sounds with headphones and Airplay.


    Your whining grew far too tedious to keep reading it.
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    +1 :rolleyes:
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    Look like you are not meant for Ipod touch. Touch screen device required TOUCHING the screen, so it leaves finger print!!!
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    Does anyone actually use the earpods?

    My 2 pairs (Touch and Nano) went straight in the trash.
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    Of course people use the new earpods. Why wouldn't they? They provide a very good fit for most people.

    So you tossed yours in the trash rather than recycling them? I wouldn't brag about that.
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    That is the nature of the beast when it comes to "touch" devices... Might as well get used to it. No screen protector in the world will reduce fingerprints to "none"... Even Apple can't always pull rabbits out of their hats.

    I feel the speaker is adequate for watching Netflix and such. Much better than the one found in previous versions of the device. If you need better speakers, you do have the option of purchasing external or earbuds. Oh and fyi, the new ipt 5g comes with earphones.

    This one I totally agree with you on. I looked at the loop and it instantly went back into the ipt glass case. It definitely feels and looks cheap. But, I really don't care about this accessory.

    I had the 4g and now the 5g... The 5g is DEFINITELY thinner!

    Battery life is fine for me! Not perfect, but none of my ipt devices have been stellar. Try shutting down some of the running apps in the background.

    Sorry you're not totally happy with the device. Lucky for you, I hear that the ipt 7g is going to be perfect!
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    If the OP is so unhappy with the iPod Touch 5, why doesn't he get rid of it and buy whatever else he wants?
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    Buy a stylus! They come cheap online, even in packs of 3. :D

    Because no one makes a non-touchscreen version of the iPod Touch. :rolleyes:
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    screen protectors should help against finger prints
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    Because that would be a rational and intelligent thing to do.
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    Oh god...never thought of that!
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    Well, why would anyone use them? The sound quality is abysmal.
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    Ok. The sound quality is not great with any stock earbuds, but in the end they're still earbuds of a certain quality. They're perfectly good for podcasts, talk radio, voip, facetime, etc. And they're especially good for when you're out and about because you have no fear of them getting damaged by rain, snow, cold or hot weather, etc. All in all, they are not completely worthless or worth trashing immediately.

    The smart thing to do would be to sell em just below retail price. Put that money towards your good cans or other accessories! :)
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    That's exactly what I did. I use Sennheiser CX300-II, they're great for in-ear headphones.
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    That's your opinion. The opinions of those who like and use them are just as valid as yours.
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    It's an informed opinion: compared with a £200 or £300 set, they are woeful.

    Compared even with a £30 set they're still pretty bad hence not worth keeping.

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    I'm not sure how you have come to appoint yourself as the arbiter of sound quality for the planet, but as I said before: That's your opinion. The opinions of those who like and use them are just as valid as yours.

    All that's of any consequence is that people enjoy what they have.
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    Sound quality, response, range and impedence are fact, not opinion, and similarly priced alternatives are, in fact, better on those grounds.
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    And in that price range - £30 or $40 dollars there are any number of iems that out-perform the earpods, this is going by objective sound quality, not opinion.
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    Edit: never mind.
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    I have a friend that actually bought a pair of the new Apple headphones :)

    I didn't have the heart to tell him they were overpriced...
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    I'd sooner Apple didn't bundle any buds with their ipods; instead they could take the dollar or so these cost to produce and pack off the price of their devices.

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