The Drunk Thread

Discussion in 'Community' started by eyelikeart, Jun 7, 2002.


Have u ever been intoxicated while posting here?

  1. Hell yeah....I've been really f***ed up while posting in the past! :D

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  2. No way! I never touch my computer if I've been drinking!! :eek:

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  3. I prefer other mind altering substances while posting

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  1. Moderator emeritus


    u see the poll...

    have u ever been drunk while posting?

    I cannot confirm that I have...nor can I deny that I have either... ;)
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    Hell , I am drunk right now, why else would i be posting!
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    now, bring a spring upon her cable, and find me a cackle fruit or two to go with me grog

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    I've never posted while drunk (not that I remember, anyway...) but I do like to have a game of UT whilst blotto... always fun.
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    Last time I was drunk was 1989.. so no, I've never been drunk while posting on Macrumours
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    Drunk...... me never..... ;)

    Except for last night...... celebrating golden balls beckham....... ;) :p

    And tomorrow evening when I'll be celebrating Schumi winning again :D

    Apart from that...... only once a week..... when I like to indugle in my favourite London bar.....

    Wicked...... :D
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    I have been drunk twice in my life. Neither time was i anywhere near my computer.

    I guess that means my answer is 'no' :D
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    I've NEVER been drunk!

    Hehe... maybe cauz i'm too young!? naw that can't be it...

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    getting drunk seems dumb to me.

    posting in this thread seems dumb to me.

    guess i'm dumb eh
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    Ensign Paris

    I have although it is not something I am proud of, Cider is the best drink!

    I was drunk (well, slightly) last night (football) and I kind of made an arse of myself in front of a mass bunch of friends, doh!

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    wow, youngster getting his drink on.

    funny, i don't need to drink to make an ass of myself. but that way, no headache/hangover!
  12. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    not enough options in the poll, you must have been drunk while posting, ha

    i've been drunk, not in recent memory

    never posted to MacRumors drunk, but I have had a few and then posted.
  13. Moderator emeritus


    sorry....I wasn't plastered or anything...

    but I had a glas with dinner (harmless) & then a couple after dinner drinks (dessert?)...

    anyway...I was just in "happy go lucky" & festive mood... least I was typing well? ;)
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    ha ha ha....not really....I had a little way beforehand though...

    I've never actually sat here & drank while posting though...
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    generally speaking, drinking near a laptop is stupid

    esp if that drink is alcoholic in nature...i don't want to have a 1600 dollar beer or coffee
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    I've never been drunk while posting. In fact... I've never been drunk. And I never will be. If you guys like being inebriated that's your business.... but not for me, thanks. :rolleyes:
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    dude, how old are you -- like 8 or something??
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    u are so right....I don't eat nor drink anywhere near my TiBook...

    I do have a place setup away from my computer hardware where I store coffee or water though...

    I will work....I eat & drink at my computer...I work during lunch...

    I'd be willing to bet there's all sorts of food particles in my keyboard...:eek: :D
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    there is no doubt in my mind that among 5000 posters, there are some 8 year olds...ensign paris may be one of them:p ;) :D
  20. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    actually, he's admitted to being 15 - which seems about right - and there's mac15 - who has been rather silent lately, odd that, and macaztec is a young'in too. but 8yo? that might be an extreme low end, I don't think so - but it makes you think about who you might be posting with....
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    hehe...I was drunk the last few nights and got home at an ungodly hour and then posted and passed out. :D

    I got back @ 5:30 this morning....sobered up before that though...
  22. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    I seem to remember some interesting feeling ok today?
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    hehe...I don't really remember those posts too well...I remember stumbling back to my place and getting on the computer and trying to type quietly so as not to wake up the roomate. :D

    Don't really remember what I said...oh well.

    I'm feeling alright, actually quite well considering the week long binge that i've been on. :D

    I kinda feel like I should stay home and just watch some movies and goto slewep early tonight...but then the record dies...decisions decisions....:cool:
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    I'm 21. We have member profiles for a reason... :rolleyes:

    And do you honestly think an 8-year-old would have had "inebriated" as a vocabulary word?
  25. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    you might be surprised, kids these days, you know?

    might be a spelling bee dropout, didn't make the nation competition, started rebelling, got in with the wrong sort of crowd, like all the MacRumor bad spellars, foreegnors who donut aingleesh wil......
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