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The Early Edition: My first iPad app (RSS with a difference)

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Chuck, Apr 1, 2010.

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    Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up about my first iPad app, called The Early Edition (iTunes link).

    This is an app that combines what's great about printed newspapers with what's great about RSS feeds. The UI is familiar and intuitive, plus we have lots of plans to improve it even more.

    I'll post some screenshots a bit later.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  2. tys
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    Looks nice. Will it sync with google reader?
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    I just bought Early Edition because I like the look of the app.

    How do I import all of my Safari RSS feeds into Early Edition? They are all on my iPad already, accessible within Safari, so is it possible to just get them imported into Early Edition? Would save me lots of time recreating the feeds within your app.
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    Looks cool. I'll have to keep my eye on if for Google Reader syncing too.
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    tys & sparkomatic - the current version doesn't support Google Reader but we're adding it to version 1.1 which will be out within a couple of weeks hopefully.

    NebulaClash - that's a good idea. We'll look into it to see if that's something we can include in an update.

    Also, look out for an interim update prior to 1.1 which will improve stability and hopefully shorten some of the waiting times on loading etc.

    Hope you all keep enjoying it so far. ;)
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    I nearly went to buy this app but then read the most critical reviews, which are all very relevant. Here's what stopped me from actually buying today.

    * Lack of google reader support (seems like a no brainer here for any RSS reader today).
    * Have to manually input all addresses.
    * No option to sort feeds by anything other than date. One user said that his gizmodo feed takes over his MacRumors feed because Gizmodo posts an article every minute (exaggeration) whereas MacRumors is more limited. I'd like not to see the less frequent updated feeds get pushed down.

    Before I plop down $5.00 I'd like to see some of this addressed. It is the best looking app but if it doesn't function then there's no reason to buy.
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    Hey Jessica,

    It's taken a little longer to finish 1.1 than we had planned because we decided to rework the way the databases were being used in order to make fetching news snappier and more responsive. This is all the more important for Google Reader import because there's going to be a lot more feeds to cater for.

    We're also going to include feed discovery, so if you type a web address in, the app will look for associated feeds for you.

    The other nice thing coming in 1.1 is feed groups, so you can categorise your feeds however you like (or retain the folders you have in Google Reader). Hopefully this will also go a long way to resolving the issue of some feeds taking over, insomuch as they don't need to be mixed with high-frequency feeds.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts here and letting us know the reasons that stopped you from the initial purchase. It is a big help.

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    I use Basecamp to manage my law firm's cases. Basecamp offers a global RSS feed of all activity. However, it requires a secure login. I can access via News Rack, but I haven't had any luck in Early Edition.
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    ETA on v1.1 release? I'm really looking forward to those features!
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    1.1 was submitted to Apple about a week ago so hopefully it will be approved really soon. :)
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    Awesome - great to hear.
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    There has been an update released. Look for the update in the App Store.

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    You beat me to it!

    Here's a list of the main changes in the newly approved version 1.1:
    ✔ Sections: Now you can group & view feeds in customized categories
    ✔ Google Reader / OPML feed & folder importing
    ✔ Feed discovery: Now you can enter a website URL & The Early Edition will search for discoverable feeds
    ✔ There are now four ways to filter your news: Last Fetch, Today, All Dates & Past Editions
    ✔ Saved state: Now when you exit the app and relaunch, it will go back to the page you were on
    ✔ Auto-fetch will now only occur the first time you launch the app on a given day
    ✔ Fetching now includes a progress bar as visual feedback
    ✔ You can now cancel a fetch before it is finished
    ✔ Speed & performance enhancements
    ✔ Greatly improved international character support
    ✔ UI enhancements
    ✔ App Store links now open the App Store instead of web previews
    ✔ New Help menu with answers to frequently asked questions
    ✔ Bug fixes, including some feeds that were causing crashes
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    Does the Google Reader integration have the ability to mark posts as read. In other words, if I feed a few posts in Early Edition, will the posts be marked as read when I go to Google Reader, or still be marked as unread?
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    What we've implemented in 1.1 is importing (ie, one way). We may well include two way syncing down the road, but at this stage it's importing of feeds and folders.
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    Okay, gotcha. I would love to see two way sync Google Reader integration.
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    Is there an online manual - some qs

    So far so good - I've added my home town paper, which has local news, sports, etc - I couldn't put it into any single category you list, so now when I go there the headline is "UNCATEGORIZED." So how do I create my own categories like local news, sports, etc that aren't already there. It's not obvious, but really necessary.
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    I've been watching your app for months, anxiously awaiting Google Reader integration and I'm significantly disappointed to hear this news. Was ready to buy, now going to wait on you (again).

    There are several other apps in the App Store that have Google Reader sync. Many of them just your bare-bones RSS apps that don't have 1/10th the functionlity yours does. I should know as I've got 'em all.

    Why for the love of everything holy did your team not build for Google Reader sync when every other Tom/Dick/Harry lame RSS app in the App Store has this as a built-in feature from the git-go? And, most importantly, when are you going to have Google Reader sync as part of Early Edition?

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    I completely agree. Using my computer, iPhone, and iPad to read feeds requires a full sync between devices. I really want to use Early Edition but until there is a google reader sync won't buy.
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    Download the MyTimes reader app. Not as sexy with the newspaper UI, but has the NY Times font and color scheme and, most importantly, sync's with Google Reader.



    I've tried all the RSS apps, spent a lot of money, MyTimes is the best one out there until EE gets its act together and enables Google Reader sync.

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    What makes MyTimes better than NewsRack?
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    NewsRack looks just like the free mobile version of Google Reader.

    So, if you don't use Google Reader, you might love NewsRack because it looks just like the Google Reader UI that all of us Google Reader users have learned to love. Looks like email, clean, easy, simple.

    But, if you do use Google Reader, then NewsRack is redundant and looks just like the Google Reader mobile version we've used for years. For us, we're a bit bored with its clean, easy, simple UI that looks just like email and want something more exciting which is why we looked forward to Early Edition and are monumentally disappointed with yesterday's release.

    So, if you're not a Google Reader user, try NewsRack for its updated UI that'll feel refreshingly simple and straightforward. If you are a Google Reader user, try MyTimes for its updated UI that'll feel refreshingly sophisticated.

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    The above post makes no sense.
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    I have to agree, I've read it a few times and I'm still not catching it.
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    Although you've totally done the bait and switch here I have to say your app is annoying at best. It's like meeting a super hot dude who is best when he keeps his mouth shut. Your app takes no less than 75 seconds to load 18 feeds. (i timed it) There is no rhyme or reason to the way fees are laid out when selecting "all fees". If I see that damn yellow post it note asking for feedback again I may scream. I think once one leaves feedback via email and in itunes that post it note should go away. Finally, there is a lag when a page is turned whether by tapping the arrow or swiping left or right.

    Glad to see money paid for the app is going towards true enhancements in both function and performance. I do however appreciate the look of the app, but right now it's just pretty and based on your update I should not expect more.

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