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The Eminem Show

Discussion in 'Community' started by mac15, Jun 7, 2002.

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    I have had the albums for a week now and I wanted to share my views on it
    its freakin awesome......MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    I started this thread cause most of you are moby huggers and don't like eminem
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    I like Moby and Eminem. I think that both of them are talented at the particular type of music they perform.
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    hmm...no offense...

    but if Eminem jumped off a bridge tomorrow...I wouldn't feel bad about posting this...

    I just don't think he has any talent...

    seems like some punk who b*tches about life way too much and talks sh*t about everyone just to get a rise out of them...

    I'll stick to Moby...

    I hope this doesn't change your look upon me Mac15 ;)

    different strokes for different folks...
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    I like both these guys but Moby is far and above a musician.
    I think the E is a comedian, he makes me laugh.
    I love the ROBIN crotch suit.
    But he take himself far TOo seriously.
    As though he is the first person to experience what he is going through.
    Obviously he is going through alot of emotional turmoil.
    Yet, turmoil is what often churns artistry.
    Still,its sad whenthe figure head for a generation is so seemlngly uneducated and emotional stilted.
    Yet, again, its damn funny, so that is a good reason to enjoy his forceful anger and confusion.

    His MTV film awards performance was So bad that I felt sorry for him.
    But it was funny in an redundant way when he flew in.

    He has some good guys making beats and snagging loops for him.
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    The sad thing is that he's been reading off of teleprompters for his performances...

    If you actually write your songs, you should know them, for crying out loud!!!

    Real musicians perform. Eminem just "acts". He's a token white rapper...
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    I like both their music. No, I like most of their music.

    Some of eminem's stuff is just plain sick (and scary). Some of Moby's stuff is too dull.
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    Speaking of Eminem..... does anyone else really dig fellow comedy rap pap.... Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer???

    Cos that's were Eminem is heading.........

    "Get down........."

    heh heh heh........... :p

    I jest........ ;)
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    Sometimes I get cravings for songs because of the beat. The only thing I like about Eminem is how they rhyme so well and their prominent beats. I do agree that some of the material is even inappropriate for those above/at teenage years. That is when iMovie comes in, so I can censor that !!!! :)

    As for Moby, I have "18" and it isn't too bad. Once in a while, when I am in the mood, I will listen to some relaxing music, sometimes Moby.

    But for me Moby is a bit boring and slow. Eminem seems rather extreme. If I want something in between, I'll go with Puddle Of Mudd or Linkin Park.

    Fear the King.
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    oh yea!

    I totally agree with LINKIN PARK, they are incredible.
    Great dynamics and lyrics, very meaningful, for me at least.
    Whats puddle of mudd, sounds interesting.

    I think that E is going the way of Milli Vanilli.
    But thats the nature of youth pop.
    Only the very young are going to be interested in the content of E's vocals.
    He does get some good beats, but hell he pays enough for them he better get something good. Eventually he will be back in the trailer park, I just hope he saves soem cash for himself and the future.
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    Give me Moby any day, Eminem is so dumb. I really think that guy is gonna get himself locked up for a long time. He sets such a bad example for kids these days. Beating and killing your wife is not exactlly funny.
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    Re: oh yea!

    Puddle of Mudd is a rock band, softer than Linkin Park. There are a few excellent songs on the Come Clean album, such as Control and Blurry. (Blurry seemed to be one of the more popular rock songs for a long while. It's been playing on the radio for like 6 months now.)

    Here is the official site.

    I have the Linkin Park CD. I would have to say that my favorite songs would be One Step Closer and In The End. I also have the video for both. IMO Linkin Park is the most hard rock-driven non-profane artist out there.

    I am also looking towards Trust Company and Disturbed in alternatives to the nasty Eminem. I think Trust Company is going to replace some of my Linkin Park collection because I think that the band is going to be that incredible. I downloaded one song and I got hooked.

    Fear the King.
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    Oh, man, don't remind me. I was given the opportunity to try out that Eminem CD...I almost cried and dislocated my jaw as it hung open for such a long time. (And I am not ashamed to admit it.) That and a few other songs [actually, one of them wasn't a song, and you do not want to find out what it was :eek:] just made me feel that Eminem is way too extreme. I was thinking how the !!!! did they make into the industry...talking !!!! about other artists, !!!!ing others on the album, worse... :( The farthest I will go is probably Disturbed, maybe Limp Bizkit.

    So sad.

    Fear the King.
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    Re: Re: oh yea!

    I'd agree with that. They never swear in their songs. I like that about them. Their album is brilliant - don't forget Paper Cut!

    Eminem has some catchy tunes, and started out with funny, satyrical lyrics. Now he's just doing the same thing over and over again, going too extreme, and it's getting a bit old.
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    In response to Britboy (since I do not want to full quote):

    As I said, I have been addicted to Trust Company, plus a custom-censored version of Stick 'Em Up by Quarashi. Papercut is sure as heck an excellent song. I've got to start listening to that again. :)

    And, yeah, some bands seem to think that to get popularity and charisma profanity is the answer. I mostly do not get turned on by words such as !!!!, #### or $$$%%A&&&&& as much as the type of music employed. I want Disturbed mostly because of the way they play their songs and the type of sounds they use.

    Eminem, again, does go way overboard with their profanity. I could just see Eminem walking into a formal event and they would be wearing casual clothes, a rusty watch, and one uncalled for MF'n vocabulary. You know what? I am starting to think that when each member was born, their first two words were "Oh, ƒ!!!" :)

    Fear the King.
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    I could never really get into "slap my b*tch up" music
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    Anyone remember Christina Aguilera's response to Eminem's song "The Real Slim Shady?" Man, that was a pisser! :D
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    Ensign Paris

    I really dislike Eminem, he just acts like a ****, he also looks like he just pulled his head out of an arse and the bleched it.

    His music, while clearly being music is not what I would describe as Music, mostly because it has no rythem, and he is just a whining little kid.

    Rap music can be good, just not his!
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    I don't find Eminem extreme in the slightest....... he's just a c*nt!! simple as that........ A nobody with nothing to say........
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    eye I don't care your entitled to your own opinion
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    well, i don't mind eminem, but i'm not about to go out and buy his album (especially when i've got cable) but i really think that ppl who say "he's corrupting our youth" and this sort of thing should really have a look at both the Democrats and the Republicans... Both of them taking shi(r)t-loads of cash from the Gun Industry. Having guns so accessible for teenagers in a 1st world country should present more of a concern than some guy saying sh*t.
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    Wanna hear real rap?

    Since this topic seems to be moving in the RAP arena.

    I must bring up one of the greatest RAP groups EVER!


    Yes, this is the best among the best for great beats and intelligent vocals.
    Its a MUST listen to for any RAP listeners or even interested people.

    These guys make E look like a small gopher that has lost its nut!
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    Eminem most definetly has tallent. Weather it's musical tallent is another thing (I like the Eminem show), he IS smart enough to get people to buy his music. The #1 seller in the country ....... c'mon.
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    If everybody listens to Eminem, and the parents listened to Eminem (like my dad) and their sons/daughters listened to Eminem we would be in one heck of a nation. I think if anybody deserves to be #1 it should be bands I previously mentioned.

    Besides, didn't Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory win a grammy or something? I'm asking because the packet that we get our CDs and DVDs from had a symbol beside the CD label.

    IMO Eminem is graphic, explicit, radically profane and disturbing. I think that people only buy the CD etc. because of the way Eminem rhymes, which is incredibly hard to do.

    Now why does this thread keep coming back from the dead? :)

    Fear the King.
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    Im for both

    Myself I like both of them. Yet I also like the beatles and KoRn so I have a wide range of taste. I have liked Eminem for quite a while because the lyrics are very close to me (living only at few miles from his childhood home) and I can under stand what her means by "when u explitives have never seen a mile road south of 9" I also just like his music in general but only to listen to not as backround music thats what RATM is for.
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    i typically hate rap but i think eminem i rather funny.
    i think it's rediculous that rappers get touted as brilliant musicians when they (usually) write exatctly 0% of the music they perform. same reason i hate most pop music.
    i see eminem as nothing more than a comedian who just happens to use music as his medium of delivery
    but i like him...

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