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The Empire Strikes Back

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 16, 2005.

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    A better headline would be "The Empire Strikes A Hack".
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    Sounds like a good plan --- for pirates. In this client-server model, all one needs to figure out is how to spoof the client and all will have access to the server. The general model described here won't have trusted clients, so instead of file-sharing, we will have password sharing. It should greatly increase the quality of the pirated files however. :rolleyes:
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    "The Empire Strikes Back" with legal agreements?

    No music/media service that requires me to get legal advice to decipher will get my business.
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    I'm amazed that such a short article could be so lacking in focus. The author jumps from point to point without regard to any overall statement. It is just a garble of anti-iTunes sentiment. Welcome anything that can bring Apple down!

    It is painfully obvious the author has never used iTunes before. I couldn't imagine that he would think each artist having their own unstandardized and unconnected web site would be a better music purchasing experience than iTunes. Oh yay!, then we would be able to use Google to find the song we are looking for instead of that search bar in the iTunes Music Store. And its about time we got rid of the iTunes essentials, iMixes, Genre Front Pages, Artist Biographies, Album Reviews, and every other tool I use to casually browse for music in iTunes and replace that with nothing. Genius!
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    Does Harmony still work with iTunes/iPod anymore? I thought Apple updated iTunes to break compatibility. Why wouldn't they do the same with this?
    And 70% margins are too low? Boo hoo. That's 70% with fewer overheads. My heart bleeds for the record industry.
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    Is it just me? But who else is hating the record industry more and more? :mad:

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