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The essence of a Geek

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Category: Opinion/Interviews
    Link: The essence of a Geek
    Description:: A general rise in technical literacy driven by gadgets such as the iPod could be evidence that 'geekery' as a personality trait is becoming more pervasive.

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    Jaffa Cake

    Pah – I saw the thread title and was hoping Essence of a Geek was a new aftershave...
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    Some people will never become geeks.
    Witness my husband who, despite having had all his most phoned numbers added to his mobile phone, still carries around a piece of paper with the numbers and uses that.
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    I would imagine that Bill Gates would be interested in it if it was;) I know Steve Jobs never washed or wore any cologne in his younger days since he thought being a vege he didnt have any body odours :eek: But I would imagine that he would be inclined to go for something very hip and shiek like maybe CK :cool: (assuming CK is considered sheik..?) but definitely not 'Essence of a Geek' :D

    Interesting article though.:)

    Edit: It is amazing how many females qualify as geeks (excessive interest in things technical - assuming riciad is a woman) ;)
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    I'm a total geek, through and through! So gender and age aren't always the determining factor. I'm female and a grandmother and my geek days started with a Spectrum that I bought for my oldest son (not for me, really).
    The funny thing is none of my kids inherited this geek factor. They're technologically competent but you should see the raised eyebrows when I start enthusing about some new development in technology. When the word Apple is mentioned, they run and hide.
    There's still a chance I might pass it on to the grandkids though.
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    I think the determining factor for being a "geek" is more about having an inate curiosity and patience for technology than anything else. People often error on the side of labeling a certain demographic when it comes to these things...
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    Thats just an example of how some people have a difficult time with change more than anything. Its all about flexibility of the mind
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    Or my wife who prints emails, and dials numbers on her cell phone - er, Blackberry.
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    Great, Aftershave that smells like cola and sweat...
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    Haven’t clicked the link yet. So we have new cologne on the market? Is it that smell of electronics when you first open a new computer? I love that smell. Its like new car smell but better. :D
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    I think whether you class yourself is a geek is entirely dependent on your level of knowledge.

    I'd call myself a technophile but without the technical know-how to be a true geek. My family would describe me as a geek because my knowledge of technology is far greater than theirs.
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    Since I spend a lot of my spare time either here on this forum, reading Mac and PC magazines or looking in computer stores ( I do a bit of vege gardening on the side) my wife to be calls me her 'computer nerd'. I do own 'regular' deodorant though ;) and have a sense of fashion when it comes to clothing :p
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    I think you mean chic. Sheik is a term involving a leader in the Arab world ;)
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    As an example of my geekiness - when posting on the thread about the internal layout of the Intel iMac, I was too embarassed to admit that when I got my iMac Rev. A, I must have opened it a dozen times in the first month to show anyone who came to the house its' gorgeous innards. You can imagine all the glazed-over looks I got.
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    Nice distinction. Er... me too! :p Having said that... I am a bit of a geek amongst geeks, at least as the general population goes: I am the self-confessed technophile in a molecular biology lab where science is cool. ;)

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