The first time I have turned on my iPod mini in 4 years...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Justin122, Aug 5, 2009.

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    It's so nostalgic, it's got all of my old songs on it and everything...

    My love for the iPod Mini has grown.

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    I just found my old silver first generation iPod mini in the junk drawer and got all sad that a perfectly good mini was just sitting there unused...

    So I took it apart painted it (and the iTrip) to match my car and loaded it with the "essential" music and it never leaves the car now!! It is perfect because I can leave it sitting there in the car and no one would ever think to steal my brick of and iPod!! :D
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    I personally had one and I surely miss the click wheel..:(
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    I should see if my 2nd generation 10 GB iPod will still hold a charge. I haven't broken it out in years!

    I got it in 2002 before the general public knew what an iPod was. People would see me looking through it/using it, and they would come over and ask me what the hell it was.

    I forgot that it charges/syncs over firewire.....
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    I have a silver mini too, still works... I named it GimmeCoffee and I take it in the car, it has all kind of morning wakeup-time music on it. Better "easy listening" than what's on the radio.
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    I am now a firm believer that the Mini was designed with the purpose to be the best iPod for the road! :D (okay maybe its not that for but oh well)

    I happen to be looking for a third generation iPod that I could use as connected to the stereo system in my house 24/7!!
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    I was probably one of those people coming up to you asking the wide-eyed questions :p
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    *smug look* I never stopped using my mini (despite buying a video)

    I love the thing to bits. I think it's the absolute perfect size and shape.
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    Yeah, it's a great device... I love the backlight and how Apple made it look like it had a color screen when it didn't ^-^

    And also, I can't believe that it charges up still! I thought Apple said like after a year the battery dies? Oh well, I'm very VERY happy ^^

    Justin :apple:
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    My 4GB iPod Mini (Green!) is what started me loving Apple. Unfortunately mine met an untimely demise in a gym on a small army base in Kuwait :'(

    It was in my pocket and I was lifting and when I reached muscle failure the 95lb barbell in my one and dropped to the floor, and I saw the ipod mini bounce up....meaning the weight fell on the mini somehow.

    I freaked and sat up (the music died already) and looked at it on the ground and it looked ok until I picked it up. The entire back was crushed in :'(

    I was so pissed I left the gym lol. It fell out of my pocket and I never realized it was laying there helpless on the ground.

    I then bought an iPod (big one), then a video when they came out, then a nano, and then who knows how many more, then a mac, then another mac, and another mac, and an iPhone, and a new nano, and omg it doesnt stop.

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