The fun thread! New iPod ideas

Discussion in 'iPod' started by nickelbackmac, Jul 14, 2006.

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    I made this thread for anyone who wants to use their imagination and share ideas of what upcoming iPods should have (features, capabilites, etc).

    As for my idea: an iPod with Front Row;) (minus the DVD player, just the Movies, Music, and Photos)

    Give it a shot!:)
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    I just read an article that they are now working on reading 'brain waves', and there is even someone who is completely immobilised, who can still operate his computer, by thinking of moving something. Problem is he has a screw in his head for accurate readings, but they are also experimentating with external, though less accurate chips.
    These would be ideal to build into your headphones, and since forward, backward play, pause, and so on are pretty simple, it should be manageable.

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    I really want an iPod Chat with iSight, PhotoBooth and iChat all built in. Would be sweet...
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    please discontinue iPods...;)

    i wish iPod will be a computer! but then again, what's a computer?
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    I want a nano that wont scratch...

    But seriously, i think a wireless itunes store would be sweet. Also, it would be time consuming, but i would like to be able to edit song information or write notes on ipods (using the click wheel i guess)
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    I want an ipod with better volume control. I can't get it low enough :(
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    My idea of fun would be an iPod capable of playing video with a 17" CRT screen.
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    that's possible isn't it....:confused:
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    It kinda already happened, depending on the type of CRT you're using...
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    Dual headphone socket iPod would really appeal to me.
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    I would like a wireless ipod that can be used as a front row remote for macs, as they always get lost, and are just a pain.
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    übernice. really. of yeah, and with no scratches. and a good case included. and a tiny built in mono speaker. and some type of framework so that people could write apps and games for the iPod. man, i'd kill for one of those!:cool:
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    I'd like an iPod with an iPod Mini style skin (Matte Aluminium), Video, kick ass batterylife, and a decent EQ which doesn't clip the sound...

    I'd also like to see the ability to make contacts, notes and calander events on the move. WiFi integration would be cool to so you can listen to other people's iPods, in the same way you can share iTunes libraries between computers...
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    Our very own "cleanup" has created exactly what i want. ( in photoshop at least )

    if his mock-up could become a reality, i would buy it in an instant.


    thanks Albert! i love your creation!!!
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    oh man!!!!! that looks so cool!!!!!!!!
    me wants!!!!!!!:D
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    i know! Albert ( cleanup ) did an awesome job on that. I wish i could create such things in photoshop. I'm only good at manipulating my own photos ;)

    ( also sorry didnt know the pic was so huge, i re-hosted it and used a smaller version, hope he doesnt mind )
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    yeah. now that i look at it, it may have actually been illustrator as opposed to PS, but I guess only cleanup knows.
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    i think its too busy.
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    well, with the keyboard pulled in and nobody calling you, the only exterior differences are the iSight and the earpiece thing. as long as nobody happens to be phoning you, as i said, it's just a normal iPod interface (buit all touchscreen) with a dock. seems dandy to me!:)
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    I'll take one!
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    I'd definitely take one of those! As said, without the keyboard out and the phone call coming in it would be CLEAN. I would hope that it would shift to landscape with the keyboard out though, obviously.
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    i don't like the isight thing. if i'm out, i won't need it. i'll just call them & be like GET OVER HERE. & if they can't then they shouldn't be conferencing anyway.

    i think apple would hide the speaker to the ear better.
    i only want to see the screen, and that's it.
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    well, some people actually may enjoy/want/need video conferencing on the go. the guy made a nice mockup and some of us respect his work. as this is not a real product, there's no need to get worked up:rolleyes:
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    im not worked up :confused:

    i said i don't like it & you responded to what i thought, so i responded back with why i don't like it, contradicting to your reasoning.
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    How about an iPod with an orifice for you to stick one of your appendages into so when you watch behind-the-red-curtain type videos it stimulates your appendage in synchronization with the on-screen action. Now THAT'S an iPod I'd buy the high end version of!

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