The funniest error message I've seen...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by tjwett, Aug 18, 2002.

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    A friend sent me an email with a link that looked like some sort of porn site. I clicked it anyway and this is what came up.

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    actually that would be "rofl" hitman, as it seems thats what it was designed for.

    here is an oldie of mine but still a goodie.

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    i saw that first one in an old copy of mac addict, expect it was supposed to be done in entourage, not ie. but the idea is the same, right?
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    i don't know, i just hit the link. and in answer to your sig; the TAM was awesome! and lastly, damn! there are more Long Islanders here than i can believe. former one myself.
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    finally, someone answered my signature:D

    hopefully, i'll get my hands on one soon. then ill finally have a mac.
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    Re: The funniest error message I've seen...

    Can you post the link tjwett?
    thxs, looking forward to get my fellow workers by the ...
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    Re: Re: The funniest error message I've seen...

    i sent it to you in a PM. i don't want to post the link since it actually seems like a real site. i don't want to be responsible for sending one of our younger members down the dark road of internet porn;)
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    Re: Re: Re: The funniest error message I've seen...

    héhéhé, thxs, already received the PM.
    I immediatly sent it to my boss :eek:
    I hope that it shows the error message, and not some other stuff :D
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    i keep on getting this error message in OS 8.6....what sort of dev would put it in....o_O

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