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the funniest rumors :))

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by logoi, Jan 5, 2003.

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    i was browsing around to look for rumors, usually i do that when we are getting close to some events like MacWorld..
    I found many funny things...
    the first one is hardware news http://www.ppcnerds.org ( ithey are joking, but i am sure someone could believe what they say).
    Second funny thing is, as always IMHO, http://www.spymac.com: guys at spymac never get one for good..i would start betting about probability of truth of their news.

    Anyway: what about the 970 IBM chips? can anyone tell me more about it? (no rumors, i mean documentation, i just found a few about it)
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    Easy. MacOSRumour's idea that ALL APPLE PRODUCTS will have the brushed metal look with the red, yellow and green buttons on them. Bloody ridiculous.
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    It thought it was red-green-blue buttons on them :p
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    what about a metal-brushed styled iPod? i read somewhere people supposing of a new iPod with the three colored buttons on it :)
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