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The Future is Here. OS X pre-installed

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, May 21, 2001.

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    Apple today announced that it will begin pre-installing Mac® OS X alongside Mac OS 9 on all new Macs® shipping from its factories beginning today, two months ahead of schedule.

    So... the future is here. OS X preinstalled on all new macs. Sure, most of us have used/played with OS X... but now OS X's marketshare will begin to grow... unfortunately, OS 9 is still the default os. (baby steps...)

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    So here's my question:

    I ordered an iBook on May 3rd.
    It has not been built or shipped yet.
    Will it have OS X on it, or did I just miss the boat?
  3. Guest

    No, you are going to get it, either in the box, or as a software budle, in any case, you'll get it free.
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    Alright! I was going to buy it later on when I could justify the purchase. Now I don't have to wait, and I can get all the OS X stuff that's still free!
    Waiting in line finally paid off.
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    Since all macs are going to ship with OS X now, and OS X requires 128MB RAM to run, will all macs now ship with at least 128MB RAM?
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    That must be the case. Tho...128 still seems low to run OS X. I just upgraded to 512MB (and I've got UltraWide SCSI...and felt the need). 256MB is like $55 now tho.


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