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The Great Omniscient Macrumor Board Members

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by TenderBranson, Mar 12, 2005.

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    "Another freaking Jukebox"

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    We have opened up many threads about that.

    I wasn't a member then, but i can attest that most of them were not old...

    I don't think we will be like that now.

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    There are still a few posters who can immediately see the potential of the iPod. Also interesting to note how many nay-sayers aren't still regular posters...
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    iPod. Lame. with that said, I own 3. :D
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    Fantastic reading...!!! :D

    Many guests (I guess this was before registration was required), but you gotta love this one:

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    People on this board bashed the mini when it came out...saying it wouldn't sell.

    Someone even started a petition to inform apple that consumers weren't stupid enough to NOT pay $50 for 15 more gigs. Everyone here thought it would fail.

    We all know what happened.

    Think back a few months ago. Remember how many people thought the shuffle would crash and burn? We've made little improvement in "predicting" success since the debut of the original ipod
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    Yes i know, Plenty of people still complain because Apple focuses so much on iPod. I think it is the gateway to marketshare -and more importantly- Better products in the long run.

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    Maybe i am a Mac-fanboy - But when you said that people thought the mini wouldn't sell is a generalization. Heck - that is the bridge that the iPod has allowed (by revenue) all i am saying is, Take only some people's advice. Because most of the people who think those things would fail, were newbs...

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    "I'd call it the Cube 2.0 as it wont sell, and be killed off in a short time...and it's not really functional.

    Uuhh Steve, can I have a PDA now?"

    It seems like a alot of people wanted a PDA... But really that funny to think that people thought that it was a bad idea. I wasnt informed of the "electrical world" back then man i wish i would have been.
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    Fun thread to read though. This is my favorite post from it.

    Then again it's so easy to laugh at these posts with 20/20 hind-sight. Look what happened to the Newton and the Cube.

    As for PDAs, I think they will eventually be phased out. People will go with ultra-portable laptops or just use mobile phones that are picking up more and more functionality. I believe this trend will only continue. Eventually, I think most people will just have a mobile phone that has an address book, take/show photos and movies, play MP3s, GPS functionality and probably even view Word/Excel docs. That is what 90% of PDA owners use them for anyway - businesses still have some custom applications for PDAs, but for consumer use I see them going the way of the dinosaur.
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    I had a smartphone that did all those things. I don't use it anymore since I traded it in for a smaller model that was easier just to phone and text with. It can still take pictures, play games, listen to music and has an FM radio but I don't use any of that functionality often (ever in music/radio's case).

    What I wanted my smart phone for was so I could get online more easily. WAP just doesn't cut it. Nor did the smart phone - its screen (PDA size) was still too small for browsing and GPRS was too slow/expensive.

    What I'd really like is a handheld that's about 8 inches, has wifi so I can go online easily with the same provider as I have roaming access with, stores some pictures and I can read eBooks on easily. I'd also like an iBooks store so I can easily buy, read, store books. I could get a newer PDA but I haven't seen one that met my features/budget yet.

    I'm not so sure PDAs are the dinosaur we think they are - phones may not be the answer they seem.
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    thats brilliant!!! couldnt stop laughing with so many dissing the ipod...yet how many ppl own one today!!!

    i wasnt a member yet then, but i remember when my uncle who worked for apply got his ipod!!! it was sweet
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    Apple Hobo

    What can you say? There's a reason why Jobs is a freakin' billionaire and is at the helm of Apple, while the know-it-all kids are at home with their toys. :p
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    Oh.. How wrong he was. :eek:
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    hahaha and the rest is history
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    Great story, there are always negatives, like somebody said somewhere, if Apple came out with a G7 with 10 processors running at 10 GHz at a price of fifty dollars, somebody would complain because it did not make coffee or something. Own the 60 GB and the shuffle.

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    The 12''/17'' PB thread is another good read if you can find it.

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