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The "I ordered the new iPod Nano 5G" Thread

Discussion in 'iPod' started by The Samurai, Sep 10, 2009.

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    The Samurai

    Had to be done.

    Ordered a black one today, just after noon - still in 'not yet shipped' status.

    What colour did you order and whats the status?
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    Being delivered today, 8gb black. Looking forward to testing out a "Nike+ compatible heart rate monitor", whatever that may be. :D
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    I ordered a 16GB Green last night when the store came back to life.
    Mine also hasn't been shipped yet :(.
    Hope it comes tomorrow and the green isn't too dark and yucky!
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    The Samurai

    That was frigging quick.

    Don't think us peeps in the UK can expect it anytime this week.
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    Really? I was hoping it would arrive sometime tomorrow morning :confused:
    What are the chances of me getting it tomorrow do you think?
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    I didnt order one cause I got a email from Apple saying you could buy them in the store on Thursday(today) but that doesnt seem to be the case!:mad:

    Been to 2 Apple stores today and they have "no idea when they will be in" ??
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    I ordered a black 16GB yesterday. I picked the free shipping, but my fedex tracking number says it's going to get here today. Crazy.
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    I paid $16 for overnight and ordered as soon as the store went up... Says Prepared for shipment since yesterday afternoon. I'm really hoping the system just isn't updated. Otherwise, that's crap.

    Edit- I called online support. Just said it's prepared for shipment and will likely ship today or tomorrow. Looks like it won't be shipping "Within 24hrs."
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    whomever gets theirs first... record a video and upload it to youtube... I want to see a camera quality! haha
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    Check out Gizmodo...they have some samples.
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    that they do! thank you very much
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    Yeah, they do.


    I'd like to see some raw footage too. I mean I know it can't look that much different, but it would be nice. Either way I guess I'll have mine in my hands later on today.

    From my tracking number:

    "Estimated delivery Sep 10, 2009 by 3:00 PM"

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    Ordered yellow with engraving yesterday at 2:17. Shipped yesterday, but has a shipping exception and looks like it'll sit in China for a bit.
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    Ordered an Orange one yesterday when the store came back. Still on 'Not yet shipped'

    The FM Radio sold it to me. At last. :D
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    Just checked my online shipping status at Apple and noticed that the "cancel items" link is now showing grey rather than blue.
    I clicked on it and it not says that i cant cancel because its been prepared for shipping.

    Might be worth a check for everyone else waiting for shipments.

    I hope this means that I will get it tomorrow :D.
    I dont think curriers deliver in the evening...anyone know for sure?
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    I might as well order one. I ahve a Flip video camera and a 3rd gen Nano.

    I'm sure I could resell them and get nearly enough money for a new Nano with similar video cam capability as the old Flip.
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    16GB purple engraved. shipped the following morning.
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    Can anyone confirm Vortex and Maze are still on the 5G?
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    I may be getting the 16GB on my next paycheck.I'm thinking black.:)
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    For all you UK peeps!!

    I'm popping into comet this weekend to pick mine up. They have TONS of them in stock, apparently in my local store, they've not sold any since they came in yesterday (They've been selling them since 10AM yesterday!! DAMN I should've gone in.. LOL!!!)

    If you want it early, just get it from there, only diff is.. No engraving :p
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    The Samurai

    What carrier/courier is classified as G3? Mines has shipped but an unknown carrier name is showing up

    See attachment below

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    Our initial (small) shipment arrived this morning, picked myself up an 8GB blue - stunning colour by the way - and have just finished a quick mess-about with the camera and stuff.

    It's slick, it's very slick. The effects are so smooth and crisp, video quality is not too bad, not super but it's very watchable indeed.
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    Thats weird, you say you ordered yours yesterday afternoon?
    Mines still not shipped :S

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