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The Iconfactory Releases Twitterrific 5 for iOS with Redesigned Interface

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 5, 2012.

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    The Iconfactory, the developer of Twitterrific and Flare for Mac, has released a major update of its Twitter client for iOS. Twitterrific 5 debuted the App Store tonight and features a completely redesigned interface, themes and font customization, cross-device synchronization, and more.

    As in previous versions, Twitterrific offers all of the basic Twitter client functions like timeline browsing, access to mentions and direct messages, search, and list access. New features include two themes, Light and Dark, that can be switched manually or done automatically at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm every day. Twitterrific 5 also offers five font choices and nine font sizes, as well as control over line spacing.

    Cross-device synchronization is available through Apple's iCloud service or Tweet Marker. Unlike previous versions, Twitterrific now does not include advertising and offers multiple account support without the need for an upgrade via in-app purchase, though the app is no longer a free download. Twitterrific 5 is available now and costs $2.99, which is a special introductory price in celebration of its launch. [Direct Link]

    A review and video of Twitterrific 5 are available at our sister site, AppShopper.

    Article Link: The Iconfactory Releases Twitterrific 5 for iOS with Redesigned Interface
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    Nice improvements, but I still think Tweetbot is the best.
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    Why are there different twitter apps and why are they paid apps? Is there something wrong with the normal one?
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    Jessica Lares

    I don't even remember the original Twitter app, I don't think there was even one? Gosh, it's so long ago. Twitterrific, Tweetie, TweetDeck, UberTwitter, Seesmic, HootSuite, and Echofon (TwitterFon back in the day) were the original big guys back when there was only the iPhone 2G. So that's kinda where it all started.
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    You think there is a lot of apps for Mac and iOS?

    Back when WebOS was still in beta, there were HUNDREDS of developers applying for the beta program submitting their justification of building a Twitter app. :)
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    The regular app has sponsored posts, something that I don't like seeing. Also twitter bought out Tweetie and ruined it so much. It also lacks muting (blocking people/hashtags for varying lengths of time).

    As for charging people, twitter recently changed developer rules to limit new licenses so developers need to charge to make their development costs back.
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand still no native push notification support.
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    The "normal" one *was* one of those "so many different Twitter apps" until Twitter bought it. It used to be called Tweetie. It wasn't the original Twitter app for iOS, either. Twitteriffic was. Twitteriffic was an app for jailbroken original iPhones before Apple even supported third party apps. Twitteriffic (on Mac) introduced a ton of things taken for granted now, including the word "tweet" and, IIRC, a bird as mascot for Twitter.

    In short Twitter owes a whole lot to all the third party apps out there.
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    They should have drop the price to $.99 for a couple of days.
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    True but then you add this nice screenshot with, wait, advertisement.;)

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    This looks great and all, but I paid $10 for the first twitterrific and now that app no longer works and every few months CHockenberry wants some more money out of us, so he takes his app out of the store, redoes the style (but doesn't expand functionality) and asks for more money. Ugh
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    Exactly right, this company is totally sleazy. I paid for an ad-free experience but then they upgraded the app and wanted more money from me. What a rip-off, I won't touch any of their products ever again.
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    You may be right, but at £13.99UK it's way overpriced. Half that would still be expensive compared to other Twitter clients.

    The real disaster was when Twitter bought out Tweetie and proceeded to ruin it.
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    i still think Echofon is the most reliable one with sync and push plus its free. been using it since iPhone 3G
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    This article was brought to you by…
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    Really nice app but I won't leave tweetbot until there is built in push support.
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    It's not £13.99 on the iOS app store though. It's £1.99.
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    Urgh. Putting the time indicator underneath tweets wastes so much space, and the top bar is now way too crowded. Plus with the iPhone 5's length moving controls that used to be easily reachable at the bottom of the screen up at the top seems like a negative step.
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    That's the Twitter account of AppShopper...
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    I bought it against my better judgement. I can't say I would recommend it to anyone when Tweetbot is a million times better.
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    I almost never post on Twitter. I just use it to read posts. I looked at the new Twitteriffic 5. I think I prefer the look and style of the earlier Twitteriffic 4. Probably just because I'm used to it. The new one looks great for people who interact a lot more. Both very well made. Props to IconFactory for making great looking software!
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    Rajani Isa

    Yeah, I noticed that was all @appshopper :)

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