the iMac just gets better and better

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 22, 2008.

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    iMac 24"

    I can attest to this - just upgraded to an iMac 24" 3.06Ghz, 4G. The performance with Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro is extraordinary, far superior to that of my older iMac G5 and core duo. This iMac outperforms my quad G5 in speed and responsiveness, and the NVidia 8800 GS makes a dramatic difference.
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    Bah I hate to hear this...

    the article says exactly what I don't want to hear..

    "I’ve traded in my previous model for one of the new top-of-the-line models—and it was worth the extra cash I had to fork out. "


    I purchased the AI 24" in December, it is fantastic, i upgraded to 4 gigs of ram too. It run BF2 (still my primary game) in boot camp fantastically BUT...I really want the latest one, shoot.

    I figure I could only get about $1,300 or so for my current machine, It is hard to justify a $800 outlay for the faster graphics card, esp when my primary game came out in 2005 ( BF2 ).

    Still thinking about it....
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    Traded in a less than 2 year old Mac Pro, Quad Core Xeon 3GHz, 8GB Ram... the whole deal. Purchased a 24" 3.06 GHz, 4GB, 1T.... This thing is so gorgeous that I look forward to turning it on every morning. New RAM and increased FSB make it feel snappier in almost everything I do, and of course the all in one form factor is a huge plus. While I do "have my moments" with the glossy screen, most of the time I like it a lot. As long as Apple keeps 'em comin', I'll keep buying!
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    Nah. Wait and get the one AFTER this, that will make the owners of THIS iMac shriek with envy :)
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    Very nice to hear. I plan on getting a 24" and running Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio but that won't happen until next year which means I could be looking at a Nehalem Quad-Core at the high end. <drool>
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    Do you have the 2.8 machine? If so, you can get more for it then $1300, I just sold mine last week and got $1600 for it.
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    It's funny because I am exact;y the same situation - I bought a 24" iMac in December and only use Bootcamp for BF2, I also upgraded to 4GB this morning! On a side note, I would be interested to know what settings you have managed to use for Battlefield. I still think I can turn mine up another level...
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    i bought the new 3.06/24'' imac.

    received one (custom with bigger HD) with a dead pixel (wahhh) after multiple call backs and run around, finally got a hold of the customer service rep and he replaced it over the phone.

    after a week without, finally received the new 24'' with no pixel issues and am loving every second of it!!!
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    24" iMac

    Awesome machine. If you have a dead pixel with Dell, they'll tell you it cannot be swapped unless it exceeds a Minimum Dead Pixel allotment of 4. Glad you were able to get it replaced - the display is magnificently vivid and it is a pure joy to use.
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    If your current machine is working great for you, why upgrade? You'll spend a ton of money to have "the latest" which isn't that much better then what you have, which is already fulfilling your needs superbly.
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    Not sure what Dell has to do with anything, but Apple wouldn't let me get a new screen when my MBP had a few dead pixels. They also said it'd take a week if I was to get a new one.
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    your current machine is working great for you, why upgrade? You'll spend a ton of money to have "the latest" which isn't that much better then what you have, which is already fulfilling your needs superbly.
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    Dead Pixel

    Then try a different Apple Store. A client of mine went into an Apple Store with a MBP which had one dead pixel, and was able to swap it out immediately. Another client had two dead pixels, and did need to have it sent in. They gave him a loaner MBP while it was being repaired. Dell, Gateway, and HP will not remedy situations this way - 4 dead pixels=TS. If ever I did need to purchase a Dell, Gateway, or HP laptop or monitor, I would do so at Costco, return it, and purchase another one.
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    I do love my 24" iMac. However, the screen is a bit of a disappointment.

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    Enlighten Me

    I have been a PC user for the last 20 years largely a function of the business environment. Vista pushed me over the edge and I purchased my first IMAC 24" 3.06. Beautiful machine for sure. So far I have been surprised by a few items.

    1) I tunes - I find much less useful than Rhapsody. You can stream music on rhapsody in different genre's and if you hear a song you like easily locate it or put it on your play list etc. Can you do this with I tunes? I was not able to figure it out late last night.
    2) Mini DVD's - kind of dumb that you can not use these on an MAC slot loader??? Now I am suppose to go out and by a new recorder? Does not seem very bright to me.
    3) Waiting to see how games play on this.

    I mainly bought this for the graphics card and all in one aspect. I can stand tower computers and I like to play games. No other all in one stacked up to this for graphics.
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    1) Don't think so. IIRC, Rhapsody is a pay-for-subscription, whereas iTunes is a pay-per-song. Different concept.

    2) Mini optic discs? People still use those? Seriously, I haven't seen a non-standard disc in years. :)

    3) Should play great!
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    I guess so

    1.) you can listen to the "radio" on iTunes, does that help? You should check out Podcasts, they really are hidden gems of enlightenment, entertainment, education. Search for TedTalks Big Ideas, University Tunes, or search by topic of your interest, there's got to be something for you...

    2.) Mini DVD's are lame-o; its too bad you have use your work DVD player or a friends but it is worth it, IMO

    3.) I think it will be great, I do BF2 with my 24" with the 2600 graphics card and i don't have complaints.

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