The iPad mini has me convinced that We Need a Bigger iPhone!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by KittyKatta, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. KittyKatta, Nov 3, 2012
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    So I got my iPad Mini and after just a few hours use then I'm fully convinced that we need an option for a bigger iPhone!!!! Im not saying replace the current size, but give an option for a 4.3-5" screen for those of us who recognize the benefits of a bigger screen.

    The things most dramatically improved for me is typing and reading (which are the things I do most on a smartphone).
    Typing: Bigger keys means less typos so I'm able to punch out emails without constantly doing corrections.

    Reading: My reading workflow usually involve a lot of rotating and zooming to find an optimal reading size so a bigger screen naturally addresses that issue.

    Music/Video: The big excuse for mono speakers in iPhones has always been size. The Mini is big enough to house stereo speakers which I feel does improve the media experience quite a bit.

    Phone Use: Even though its easy to make fun of people who use gigantic phones, I held my Mini up to my ear and due to the weight then it didnt "feel" as silly as it looks so I'd easily get over it.

    I know the big selling point of the 3.5/4" screen is one-handed use but with Siri and the fact that I dont text-and-drive then I dont find many situations in which I MUST type with one hand. So the iPad Mini has convinced me that a bigger iPhone would work out fine. (Just as long as they keep the smaller ones for those who want it)
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    No, we don't.
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    Hold your iPad Mini up to your face and pretend to make a call.

    We will all laugh at you.
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    Yes, we do. The iPhone 5 feels extremely crowed. Wish they'd release a 4.3" iphone like the perfect Samsung Galaxy S II.
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    You may.

    I do not.

    Therefor "we" do not.
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    There is a big difference between a 7.9" display and a 4.5" display. I don't know how anyone can actually use an ip5 to surf the web with that tiny chocolate bar screen. 4.5" is the minimum size i can stand, the perfect size is around 4.8", i would go bigger if it was practical.
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    From A Buick 8

    I guess as long as they keep the current size ( iph5) then sure add another phone size.

    I do not want to lug around a phone that will not fit in my shirt pocket.
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    this is an opinion right? Don't want you touting this around as fact.
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    Everyone will say it's a stupid idea until Apple release it, then all of a sudden it's the best thing ever and they are so brilliant for doing it, it's so revolutionary, innovative, yada, yada.

    Just like the iPad mini.
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    Which part? Ive not met one person that can actually surf the web efficiently with the ip5 screen, not one....I own a ip4 and the only sites a can go on are very simple mobile sites and even they are not great.
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    The whole thing. I know tons of people that can surf the web with their phone. You must not know a lot of people then. Not everyone wants tablet size screens that barely fit in their pocket.
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    Exactly right, if the next iphone has a 5" screen i bet i could come back and quote all the people that say they hates big screens saying they love the big screen. Apple fans are so fickle.
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    From A Buick 8

    Hello torana355, my name is Frank. Now you have met someone who can surf the web on a iPh4 let alone a 5.
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    I said surf the web EFFICIENTLY.
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    I like the 4" screen of my iP5. I've tried a 4.3" desire HD which was decent but I still found myself preferring a 4" screen. I've also tried a 4.65" galaxy nexus which I found just too big for easy one handed operation when walking through a crowded area.

    I have my iPad for serious typing and browsing. For everything else, I feel the screen on the iP5 is just right.

    Also, I've noticed quite alot of people like to read news articles on the go but don't make full use of 'Reader'. Reader is possibly my favourite part of iOS5+ and makes reading articles on the 4" screen very comfortable.

    I know tons of people that hate the iPhone screen and feel that they can't surf the web properly on it.

    I also know tons of people who love the size of the iPhone screen and say they can easy surf the web when on the go.

    I know people who love olives and I know people who hate olives. There's always going to be a divide in what people like and don't like. It's all down to personal preference.

    It's your money. Get your moneys worth and use whatever the hell is comfortable for you and makes you happy.
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    define efficiently. That is subjective. You can run slow but still be efficient. Most sites that the average users uses is optimized for iPhone browsers or it has an app.
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    Don't worry, OP, all these naysayers will pipe down when the iPhone eventually gets a 4.5-5.5 inch screen in the coming years.

    The top and bottom bezels will of course reduce, thus automatically making the screen size larger. I can see it within 3-5 years for sure.

    Then, lo and behold, the new screen size will "magically" be "just right" of course(!)
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    I don't want a bigger phone. I loved the 3,7'' on the 4 and I enjoy the 4'' as well. Samsung Galaxy SII och SIII is just obnoxious. Difficult to hold and use with one hand. At least for us with normal sized hands who are under 7 feet.
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    The amount that so-called "experts" actually know on here is hilarious, almost as funny as the U-turns once a product comes out.

    There is a difference between screen size and phone size. The screen size will increase, whilst the phone size will reduce.
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    From A Buick 8

    As long as it fits in my shirt pocket then I am ok, but TBH I am ok with the size of the 4, and from what I have seen I will like the 5.

    Honestly if you want a bigger phone why not get one. There are plenty out there to chose from.
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    the amount of people that use "everyone" to refer to a few people is hilarious.
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    ******** it, make a 13" phone Apple.
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    5" phablets are the future. Why delay the inevitable?

    Apple are playing too conservative right and they should go back to their roots which made them so successful. Even if they cancel their current lineup and replace it with one phablet, people will still lineup like crazy for it and herald it as the greatest invention since the wheel. Even those conservative 3.5 inchers who eventually adopted and praised the iphone5.
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    seems you're implying that everyone will get a 5" screen if Apple released one and I beg to differ. Not only would they have to mark up the price but they have a damn iPad mini for $100 more with no monthly fees, that would just be plain stupidity.
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    >Implying that you know that for a fact

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